Msfs issue

Hi there, while takoff on fly by wire a320 nx suddenly the plane turn right from the center of the runway and while I pushe the Joystick it turn to the right and jumping in the air rolling from side to side and crash to ground.
this happened just after I updated the last one from microsoft.
One more issue I get while upload the sim and get ready for flight the sim crash to desktop.
Can someone help Please?

Uninstall mods to see if the stock 320 does the same.

Make sure your flightmodel is set to “Modern” not “Legacy”.

Make sure the AI pilot is not in control of the aircraft.

Make sure no other controller is interfering with your main controls and your controls are calibrated.

Learn how to post detailed information in your help request and choose a title accordingly because “I have a problem” thread titles are not helpful.

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Thanks for the amswer and advice

For the best results please be specific in your topic so that we know what your issue is before having to read the content. Please edit the topic title to be specific and please only have one issue per topic.

Thanks for your understanding

What is it with posters and generic thread titles today!? I understand that folks may be new to the forum and not be familiar with the protocol but surely the quickest way to get a relevant reply is to be specific in the headline ??

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