MSFS keeps hiding my mouse pointer

Having a problem with my mouse since SU5. MSFS keeps hiding my mouse pointer and then won’t show it again when I move the mouse. If you tab back to Windows the mouse reappears and is working, but then disappears when tab back to MSFS. Seems to occur randomly and is only limited to MSFS, other games and Windows applications are OK. When this problem happens it randomly reappears from time to time.

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The mouse pinter disappears and won’t return when you move the mouse.
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Use the mouse
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i59400f 32GB, RTX3060ti, logitech wireless mouse
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clicked mouse wheel?

i have the same issue since SU5. also sometimes my menu disappears after pressing ESC.


I have the same issue. Moreover, MSFS moves my mouse pointer to the upper left corner of the screen when I enter weight and fuel data for the selected aircraft from the keyboard.


Same problem here!


Nope. Hadn’t touched the middle button. It requires a bit more force to activate thatn the other buttons so I never use it.

Add me to the list, too.

When I do quick views using joystick buttons, for certain.

When I did weights and balance numbers, and when I did Call sign page.

and other clicks on the instrument panel… maybe. Was in cruise, and when I could not find the mouse pointer… it was in upper left corner of the left hand monitor. Something kept moving it there

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Yep there appear to be 2 problems. The 1st being the mouse pointer that dispappears and won’t come back. And the 2nd being the constant parking of the mouse in the upper left corner of the screen. Its really annoying when you adjust the heading on the autompilot, then a short while later go to do it again and find the mouse pointer moved up in the top left of the screen. More of a problem on ultra wide monitors like mine. There is no obvious reason for this change, and it seems to benefits no-one.


I think I had the same problem - I was unable to select any option in main menu section, because the mouse pointer was gone. It turned out one of my joysticks was messing the whole thing. Once I have unplug it the problem is gone.

It is not the solution - it is a nasty workaround. It started to occur after SU5. I would like to know how to unbind ALL joysticks buttons from controlling the menus. Even now I can see

[JOYSTICK BUTTON 2] label next to “QUIT TO DESKTOP”. How to get rid of it?!

Try to unplug your peripherals one by one and see if it helps.


Same problem here. I must press windows key and back to simulator to show up pointer again.

this happens to me when i press the arrow keys to move camera views. it snaps to top right everytime

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I’m experiencing both issues since the recent patch. Any updates?

Pressing F restores the cursor. A pain but doable.

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I figured out that my pointer disappears every time I trim the plane. I have the trim set to two joystick buttons, and no other parameter are set to the same buttons. No idea why it keeps doing it.

Not just me then.
It’s getting exhausting finding new things breaking in each update.

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But it is getting easier to do so.

I have same problem. If I press ESC twice it will reappear but it triggers full flaps and speed brake which switches off the auto thrust, retracting laps and speed brake we get going again but the mouse may disappear more than once on a short flight. FBY A320 Development version.

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same here gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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Topic is old apparently but I’m having the same issue. I switch to a new view to operate some controls and poof, mouse gone.


Before SU6: Mouse disappears after changing the view via joystick (HAT-switch) and spawns again in top left corner.
After SU6: Mouse disappears after changing the view and if your’re lucky spawns again at the old position.

Asobo, nice try.

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