MSFS keeps hiding my mouse pointer

I have same problem. If I press ESC twice it will reappear but it triggers full flaps and speed brake which switches off the auto thrust, retracting laps and speed brake we get going again but the mouse may disappear more than once on a short flight. FBY A320 Development version.

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same here gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

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Topic is old apparently but I’m having the same issue. I switch to a new view to operate some controls and poof, mouse gone.


Before SU6: Mouse disappears after changing the view via joystick (HAT-switch) and spawns again in top left corner.
After SU6: Mouse disappears after changing the view and if your’re lucky spawns again at the old position.

Asobo, nice try.

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Same here, i found that it was from moving to close to something in the aircraft. Move the position in the cockpit and mouse will pop back in.
P.S. Super annoying


I didn’t see listed in any top bugs report but many of us users with multiple screen are getting their mouse cursor disappearing randomly for no reason. This only started to appear since Su5. I was hoping Su6 would address this issue but it’s back in full force. It only took me about 2 minutes in the DC-6 to see my mouse cursor go bye bye.

Can we have a least a confirmation that Asobo is looking into this ?


My mouse cursor disappears mostly when using the flypad because of having to zoom in close to see the details. Sometimes when this happens i can’t get out of the close up screen even by using my custom view numpad keys.

I have been having this issue for some months now. The cursor will suddenly disappear. I then have to keep switching views to get it back by when it’s too late. Very annoying.

It is just possible that this is a Windows thing. Saw a report about the same problem in Windows and that suggested hitting the Control key twice to get the mouse to reappear. Tried it in MSFS and it worked.

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Not disagreeing, but I only get this issue in MSFS, not in any other apps or situations.

Thank you, will try that…

I’ve had the same problem lately, but yesterday i couldn’t help noticing that it happened only when i “moved” arround in the cockpit. for example, getting lower and closer to the EFB for example, to read all the OFP setting for in the MCDU. At that moment, my mouse arrow would disappear. But if i went back to “original” position ( by clicking ctrl-spacebar ), or “closer” to it, the mouse arrow would appear back again.
Hope this was helpfull !
Happy flying

Hitting F to reset your view is another way to get your mouse curser back.


I’ve been having this issue for a while too. I was using a wireless mouse and the mouse pointer would disappear whilst I was flying. If I hit the Esc key to pause the sim and then resumed, the mouse pointer returned.

I though it may have been an issue because I was using a wireless mouse, A few days ago I tried a wired USB mouse and have exactly the same problem.

It’s just an issue with the pointer itself being displayed. It’s an annnoying little bug!

This bug was introduced with the xbox release so about 5 months going strong. There was a main thread about it with more votes that I can’t find now.

Anyway if you search the forums for “cursor” you can see hundreds of people frustrated by this bug going back to that xbox release. Devs have, typically, never responded to anything related to this bug. It’s kinda like the multiplayer bug which took 3 months for them to acknowledge and another half a year to fix.

Edit: the main thread is here so vote there please

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Yes, that works. Thank you

I am having this issue as well when the cursor disappears. In order for me to get it back, I have to press ESC and come back.

An easier way is to press TAB instead, so you dont have to enter the menu everytime :slight_smile:

I had this problem as well with a wireless mouse. I replaced the battery and problem solved

Can also add this issue still persists. Using the hat on yoke or joystick to change the view or zooming in or out with the scroll wheel triggers it. I can usually get it back by moving the view slightly. But when your on climb out or short final while being on Vatsim following instructions this becomes a huge problem. Having to hit keys to reset it or bumping the view angle is just not an acceptable answer for such a long standing issue. I was a Beta tester that walked away from the sim for some time until things got better. I have recently started actually enjoying the sim as a whole again only to have this old issue become a serious frustration now.