MSFS: Live Dev Q/A November 17 Discussion


I missed the middle part due to work calls. Was anything interesting said about VR controller support, any details? Anyone can do a quick recap about what was said there?

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Did they say anything about developing helicopters?

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PMDG 757 :+1::+1:

Yes a “5”


Seb gave an update (around the 23:30 mark). It sounds like they’re working on the “new” propeller system at the same time as the roters for the helos. Seb said he had been testing the propellers this week. No timeline given.

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Today on Q@A, Seb confirmed this version of DX12 no change on graphic or either performance benefit, it’s only a test to see if base DX12 will works, after that on later update, graphic enhancement will be available and performance had potential to increase a bit later etc…For now do not expect anything on DX12 only to find bug\issue.


From what I remember, Martial was saying one part was fixed for tomorrow, but there are a lot of bugs in Bush Trips they are still working through.


What is this “new” propeller system??? Will it introduce prop-wash and P-Torque?

The issue with the legs not saving was fixed. Hopefully meaning that they’re able to be completed. I wasn’t able to gather what he meant by “other” issues. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

Supposedly each blade is modeled individually. They went more in depth on the Q/A before this one if you care to check it out.

Seb also mentioned we’d have the option to turn it off when it’s released.

Is it just me or does the new Reno video show quite a lot of stuttering and low frame rates? A little worrisome. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well as far as I remember there was nothing mentionend regarding VR controllers.

Are you sure about that? In the PMDG forum the team was never really in the mood for the old 757/767 aircrafts. So even if we saw a 757 model today in Robert’s hands during the live stream, I won’t believe it until there is an official announcement or some previews.

At least no increase in performance. Somehow there will/might be some performance shifting between CPU and GPU which should results in an even performance level.

Well somehow yes or maybe they should have lowered the graphic settings for their recording :wink:

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Sorry for being blunt here:

But is it really fair that the color banding folk have to wait 3 months for SU8, when the code is already ready to be released according to Seb?

I feel like a hotfix would make more sense imho.


I dont think there will be a hotfix. The color banding bug is annoying, no question, but it does not prevent you from playing the sim. So there is really “no need” for Asobo to launch another version of the sim. But if something is wrong with SU7/GOTY there might be a hotfix which also includes the fix for the color banding issue.


I wonder whether DX12 could possibly improve that godforsaken shimmering bug… That would be nice

Maybe in the future but not tomorrow. For SU7 you shoudn’t expect anything from DX12.

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This seems to get ignored all of the time.

We need to start hyping this one up. I have a hard time seeing instrument panels, thus I need to pop them out. FPS gets wrecked for no reason.

We just need people to start writing a bunch of zendesk reports