MSFS Mobile Companion App v1.2 Update - Added COMs and more [Freeware]

Thanks a lot for the useful tips! I like the altimeter setting read out, especially for planes where it’s very hard to read in the cockpit.

Dumb question… but does the .exe NEED to be started only after launching a flight? Can it be started (a) before MSFS is launched or (b) after launch but before the flight is launched? I try and launch all the standalone processes (in my case, FSUIPC7, LRM, and the Navigraph version of SimConnect) before launching MSFS, to minimize the amount of alt-tabbing I need to do…

(edit: full disclosure, I’ve used the FSEconomy app as a tab-out-and-start-during-flight option, and it’s worked fine, so this isn’t a dealbreaker or anything. It’s getting installed either way; just want to know the parameters of how I can use it.)

Not a dumb question at all. B is the right answer. Just make sure you’re at least in the main menu. If you launch the app before (during loading or before MSFS is launched), the app may not initialize all the variables correctly.

Hope this helps.

It did help, thank you!

Unfortunately, while I’ve got it working perfectly on the computer (using the localhost connection), I just can’t manage to “see” the software from my other network devices (iPad and iPhone). I don’t think this is a software issue; I think it’s just the combo of an overcomplex network architecture/firewall and my lack of knowlege on how to configure it properly. I’ve done everything I could think of to fix it – including dropping all protection (!) and switching routers – but no dice. Sigh. It really looks like a great app, though.

Sorry to hear that. There is however a possible solution - changing one line in the source code. It’s not complicated, you’ll only need a couple of things to do:

  • Go to and download the latest 64-bit version of Python for Windows 10. Here’s the direct link:
  • Install Python. When installing, tick the "Add Python 3.9 to PATH" checkbox. The app should work just fine even without ticking the box, but I think it’s better to have it ticked for our purpose.
  • Install Flask Python web server library. To do this launch Command Prompt (press Windows key + r and then type in cmd.exe). Once you have Command Prompt open, type pip install flask and hit enter. This will install the Flask library for Python. Please allow Flask to install any other required packages (I’m not sure if you’ll even be prompted to do so).
  • Download the source files for MSFS Mobile Companion App here: . To do so, click on the green button titled Code and select Download ZIP.
    You would need to do the following.
  • Open the file and look for the line‘’, port=4000, debug=False). Change the host IP address to whatever you need. Save the file.
  • Launch MSFS and once you’re in the main menu. Start the MSFS Mobile Companion App by double-clicking on

You’ll be running the same v1.3 of MSFS Mobile Companion App like before, but natively in Python. I can’t guarantee that it’ll work but I’m quite confident that it will. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. Please let me know if it worked.

Didn’t work, unfortunately. I did note that the .exe didn’t change the IP address it displays when it’s run no matter what I put into the line. Still worked fine on the local browser; still nothing on the mobile devices.

I really think it’s just a quirk of my setup. I’ve had other issues with devices not seeing my laptop on the network – specifically, trying to get Switch and PC copies of Minecraft to talk to each other for multiplayer. Sometimes it works; mostly it doesn’t.

I assume you mean that it didn’t change anything when launching the .py file and not the .exe. :slight_smile:

I’m out of ideas at the moment, but I’ll shoot you a message if I think of a fix. Sorry that it doesn’t work.

Hi @Topper1988 your add on os truely amazing…but somehow the most important feature for me, the Radio Control Panel with the COM, doesnt work correctly…is there any fix or something…thanks for your work

Hi @PilotDave7789! Could you please give me some additional feedback regarding the COMs bug. I can have a look at it a hopefully push a fix. I rarely use it, so it may be that I’ve missed something.

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@Topper1988 thanks for the quick answer…ill have a look at it tomorrow again…and shoot you a pm…the basic thing is that the number wont change when pressing the change button on the phone…for example when tuning in 119.9 for the standby box on COM1 and switch it to active it wont even actively change the numbers in the a320 in the standby box and when changing it to active through the add on on the phone it won’t change…so the frequency which is wanted in this example 119.9 wont appear in the radio control panel

@PilotDave7789 I’ve seen this issue myself. It only seems to affect the A320. However, I think it’s only visual, meaning that under the hood the frequency does in fact change. At least, I see that the frequency changes when I open up the ATC window. I was able to “force the COM frequency update” in the cockpit by switching from VHF1 to VHF2 and then back to VHF1.

Hope this helps.

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