MSFS Multiplayer


I have not been able to play MSFS in multi player yet. I do not know anyone that has and or plays MSFS. I would really like to be able to fly with other people. If there is anyone on here that would like to fly in multi player, let me know. I am not overly sure how you do it or how you add friends but I am willing to learn and enjoy it. Especially if you know of cool places to fly. Just reaching out to MSFS community.

Thank you and Merry Christmas to you all.


Sure, I am also new to it, trying out the VR feature that came out this week.

Add me on Discord, PQHack#6109

I have the vr and I have just added you on discord. I have not used discord before so excited to try it

I would like to play in multi-player mode as well…just not sure how

Please add me on MSFS or on discord and perhaps we can work it out together and fly. My MSFS name is Andyskywalker80 and on discord it’s andyskywalker69

Let me know when you add me and we can work it out. Cheers.

Ok…will do

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Same here. Also Looking for people to fly with.

Please add me on MSFS, my name is Andyskywalker80 and on discord it’s andyskywalker69

Hey Andy… like you I haven’t flown multi player yet but am interested in doing so. Happy New Year

John (aka) jr2fly2020

Is this your username for MSFS or discord?

MSFS. I’m jrb007 on discord.

I’m a very newbie to discord.

Cant find you on discord.

jrb007 on discord


EasternHops is a flightsim Community that has been around for 14+ years, We invite all to visit us on our Discord server. Check out our Nightly jet hops or Landing Cubs on a bench in places unknown. Best of all joining us during "the Official “Cessna Sundays” grab your favorite Cessna 172 fly different parts of the world each week on an all-day event, we fly on the MSFS Multiplayer Network.

We invite you to join our discord “

I don’t have discord yet go here “

Happy Landings from

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Hey guy how are you. I jut got up and running with VR and looking to test flying with someone. let me know your time zone and what days you are online

very sorry about the slow reply, our time zone is mostly -5 on our Discord but it really worldwide as we have members that join our discord all throughout the day. We invite you to join us as we also have a few guys that use VR and would love to share their experience with you.