MSFS needs a Verify Integrity of Files function

Just like Steam which has saved my bacon SEVERAL times and given me peace of mind.

Stolen idea! :smiley: (I wasn’t actually the first)

I will say that the purpose of this wishlist item is dependent on how the game actually works now. It is entirely possible that during load when it says “checking for updates” that the game checks package integrity against a checksum.

If it doesn’t do that, then I agree that it needs to; either automatically or through a manual, user-triggerable verification.

I’d rather it were a manual check, don’t want to add to the load time of every single start. But I do think it’s needed.

Hello everybody,
A lot of people have various issues, such as a function that doesn’t work, or a menu that is missing, often after an update that accidentally changed something. Personally, I don’t have the external cameras (a topic is published on this subject).
So, I imagine a tool that would verify that all the required files and folders are installed correctly in their place and up to date. If a file is missing or corrupted, this utility would offer to download and replace it. It could solve a lot of varied and unforeseen problems.
Everyone knows the “Checking for update” which is done automatically, there it would be a “Checking for correct installation” launched by the user when he encounters a problem.
What do you think ?

If the update would work at all and I would not stuck again in the update process I woul apprichiate a Tool which corrct the messed data after the update. :smiley:

So congrats, you were able to update…XD
Looks like I have to install the full game agin.

Hi there, I would like to have a wishlist for an Integrity Checker for MS Store Version that would check all the installed files for the MSFS 2020…I am thinking about the future… Would it be possible? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA

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Even for the Steam version, the Verify File Integrity check would reset the entire installation and would end up having to redownload the entire app if used. If they do add this integrity checker for the MS store version, they have to do it right.