MSFS not installed?

now it’s the fourth time since around february that I want to start MSFS but nothing. Gong to MSstore and it says it is not installed. Nothing has changed on my system. That’s realy anoying. Normaly the install goes fast when I pointed to my drive where it is installed, but this time I couldn’t because the drive is not available in the installer. Don’t know what I can do. Reinstalled Store, Xbox, game service, nothing helps. The drive itself is working without any problem because P3d is also installed on it and it works without any problem. Have Win 10 (all updates) Ryzen 5900x, 64gb ram, 3x ssd, 1x hdd. Any ideas what I could try? Thanks.

Do you have enough free space for the install on the drive?

381gb, should be enough I think.

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Does this link offer any help?

After 2 days of search I found the working fix here

fix was done in a minute, no need to reinstall.
but why the drive was offline for the apps from one day to another I don’t know. Seems a Store bug…

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