MSFS not reading Community folder

Hey guys, everything was working fine up until yesterday. I’ve gone through troubleshootıng with the FBW guys as we thought it was an A32nx issue but it turns out the game is not reading anything from the Community folder. I’ve dropped just the A32nx file into the folder by itself and launched the game. It doesn’t show up. When I go to Content Manager it shows FlyByWire A32nx not installed. I then tried putting some payware into the Comm folder by itself and I get the same issue. I didn’t change any paths but it seems the game is reading the comm folder from somewhere else. anyone any ideas about this? thanks in advance

it has changed the path of where your community folder is, i myself have the same problem and found a community folder in packages in another drive that i did not create and where i wanted to send my 3rd party stuff to…i just added one of my add ons into this folder and loaded up and bingo there was the add on…now just trying to work out how to get msfs to read my correct community folder in the correct drive.

to elaborate the bingo there it is…it wasnt in the folder i wanted it in…anyone know how to get the game to read the correct community folder where i want my add ons in…i have base stuff C drive but all my add ons etc in the D drive