MSFS not starting

Hi there,

I finally have some time again to do some airwork in the FS2020. Now I was about to start FS2020 and all the sudden, Microsoft Store opens and offers me to instal Game Service, apparently some sort of Microsoft-game service. The thing is, it is already installed on my PC and when I press ‘download’ it won’t start downloading.

Does anyone have a workaround/fix for this issue?


Hey @BornSuperset138, sorry to see you’re having an issue. Have you looked through this thread to see if anything helps? Here’s another link for troubleshooting Windows Store issues.

I had that problem after shutting down a few background services via Task Manager.
Found it was the gaming services for me (there’s 2 of them with an XBox like icon)
I rebooted and they restarted by default and I can play now.
Make sure you haven’t disabled them somehow, see if that works?