MSFS Now Not Seen On Second SSD

I have had MSFS installed on my D drive and it has up to now worked as advertised. Today for some reason it loads and wants to install everything to my C drive.
Everything is up to date. My D Drive is there, it works, and the MSFS folder is there which it installed everything to.
I have a hunch it has something to do with the garbage that Gaming Service’s is but its just a hunch.
Anyone any ideas why its doing this? The rest of Windows is up to date and working.

@SkeletonOz - Just to be clear… if MSFS was already installed and working on your D-drive, are you saying that now, when you double-click the same MSFS icon you have been using to start MSFS, that the sim starts to reinstall on the C-drive instead of starting the sim?

If you look at the properties for the MSFS icon on your desktop or taskbar, what location does it point to?

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Hi. Thanks for the reply. I never use the shortcut because when I launched from there I could never purchase anything from the Marketplace.
I always launch from the Xbox App after checking the store for updates, and that is where the problem lay. Gaming services needed to be updated but as usual with that heap of junk it did not tell me it did. Because it needed to be updated MSFS was unable to sync. Gaming services always has for me “stuck” on installing, IE it never completes, i have learned to wait a minute or two, restart the store and all is good.
I am getting over the hoops you have to jump through to keep MSFS stable and updated. Pity because it is a mighty Sim.