MSFS Performance, Memory Usage, Loading - Current MSFS Performance Tweaks

Hi Folks,

I have quite a large amount of addons for MSFS, I do also have the latest Iteration of it and Win10 versions, my system is high end and can handle a lot but MSFS has got me stumped.

I am using Addon Linker and I simply add Addon Aircraft, a Couple of Tweaks and Scenery to a region. MSFS starts but freezes my PC.

I run an x570, 5950x, 390Strix, 32gb of very fast Ram and MSFS sits on a dedicated NVME.

Guys what tweaks regarding performance tweaks or things I can do to try and at least get the sim going, the sim starts fine without anything extra but even still this isnt a lot of extra things to add.

Memory tweaks, Caching etc and help guys would be greatly appreciated!

I hear ya. Running a reasonably high end system myself and indeed “MSFS has got me stumped” too.

I don’t think I see your exact issue myself though despite running a few mods which are a mix of marketplace purchases and aircraft/airports I have purchased externally and placed in the community folder myself.

However, I don’t use add-on linker or anything. I placed my additional items myself and manage them “manually”

I guess the first place to look for loading speed issues in your case will be to check that your nvme is running at the advertised speed. You can check this with a few runs of something like CrystalDiskMark. - depending on motherboard etc it can be the case that an nvme slot may share bandwidth with a sata port or pcie slot.

This may seem obvious but it’s always worth checking the obvious things then double checking again.

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NVME is running perfectly as advertised, and me the same as you with the addons, its just another folder withing the directory which makes zero difference so yeah very stumped!!

Its crazy the moment I add in some addons MSFS just doesnt want to load, surely there must be so more to this, anyone?

Is there like some caching of new scenery that needs to happen and if so is that in the roaming or manual ??

Does it run if you remove all addons?
If so, one of the addons is probably faulty.
I would try to find the faulty addon by either adding one after another and check,
or as its large amount by adding first half, check, then if this freezes, first quarter, check, and so on, to narrow it down.

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Yes it does run when i remove them it, it eventually loaded but took an excessive amount of time. They all loaded but just took so long, I am wondering if the manual cache is where this stuff gets stored or the rolling cache?

Is there anyway of telling how much of the Manual cache has been used ?

MFS2020 uses just one core/thread so im not supriced why fps is 30 under heavy load

Thats not true at all.

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So, do i understand right that you sim doesnt start at all if you add some Mods?
If yes, you should figure out which AddOn/Mod causes the problem and then eliminate it.

EDIT: If you use a ton of AddOns at the same time, the loading time of the sim increases significantly before you reach the main menu.

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Yes true this, does increasing the Rolling Cache or Manual Cache help with having extra addons and loading times etc HX ?

I dont think so. the initial loading time is just higer with more AddOns cause the MSFS “scans” the community folder for AddOns, as more you have there, the longer it takes.

Caching will only help when In-flight or (maybe) if you load the flight itself. But the sim startup loading will not be affected by caching.

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I have been testing some scenery that a friend is working on. I have noticed some major slow downs in the world map and loading flights with some of his earlier variants when I have these in the community folder.

Process of elimination? Temporarily remove all and add them back slowly to see if it’s any particular mod?

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Well they should develop a cache for your addons!!!

Honestly it loads as you say it just takes a ton longer unfortunately.

But really I have addons from all over the world so it should really only load based on the area you are flying in

Yeah, you would think so, but one of his mods for a small airfield in UAE which he was creating custom 3d models for basically caused world map to grind to a snails pace even if I was looking at Europe.

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wow ok, you think there was a way to have like a LOD of addons loaded or something!!

I think his first attempts at this may have had incomplete paths. Links in the mod to assets which he had not included or which were broken. This likely causes some issues somewhere. His subsequent versions performed a bit better.
But such is the thing with “enthusiast made” content that it’s worth checking through by trial and error to see if any one particular mod might cause msfs2020 to freak out.

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Of course that sounds good, I have a huge rolling and manual cache operating on a dedicated NVME and still suffer this, the sim should create junction links to only relevant mods again based on a lod!