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Hi guys.

I’m trying to figure out if someone has a real good guide for settings on the sim, or the Nvidia software. I am really perplexed by this sim performance, and to be honest, I’m kind of loosing my enthusiasm here. The sim has performed well most of the time, but we all know what happens every time there is either a sim update, or in some cases the culprit can be the driver. I have a high end pc and I actually replaced mt EVGA 3080Ti for a 3090Ti and it seems the performance got worst. I just can’t believe I’m having all these issues. Of course, when I installed the new card it gave me everything on ultra, which I knew it wouldn’t work. I tried it like that still, but the FR were terrible. I tweaked to what I thought would be good enough, but I still have FR problems, even on regional airports!
I’m In missing something here? I should be getting at least 40 to 50 FR but I can’t seem to get more than 25, and 15 on major airports. This is really discouraging because I really thought it would be better. I have a great CPU, i9-9900KF, one of the best GPU money can buy, EVGA 3090 Ti, and plenty of memory. I really can’t figure out what’s the problem. Appreciate any thoughts and tips and in all honesty, this is as far as I’m willing to go with this PC.