MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager (with Touch Panel Support) [v4.0.3]

Anyone else had success in changing the title bar for the pop out panel? I’m using the PMDG 736 and have it configured to set the bar to black but it’s aways white.

Any ideas greatly appreciated

I think they are always white irrespective of your Windows settings.

You could just remove the title bar? POPM does that for you.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t trying anything in Windows I was trying the feature in POPM, with no success.

How can you remove the title bar in POPM?


If you use the down arrow on the top right of each panel entry in your profile where you want to remove the title bar, you get a series of extra options including to hide the title bar.

(I’ll be honest and say I preferred the old UI way of doing this. It isn’t necessarily the most discoverable feature in the new UI.)

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BRILLIANT! Thank you so much for your help. Much appreciated.

Does anyone know how to revert back to a previous version? Like version 3.4 or earlier? The Cirrus Vision Jet SF50 - Asobo, perspective screens will not respond to any touch request on any of the screens after touching the knobs on this lastest version and the lastest version. I opted to update to see if this bug has been fixed but it hasnt. Im rolling back to 3.4

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Latest version 4.0.3 works perfectly. Recent bugs fixed.

Just wanted to say the Turbo mode is now working as I would of expected so whatever has been done between the beta and this release has done the trick for me. Nice one Stanley.

Hello all, Ive been using Air Manager for months and each time I have to place my pop outs per mission. Just found out about pop out manager, excited. I have downloaded the zip, and placed the referenced file into my community folder. I check for current drivers and think i have all. But I cannot get msfs pop out manaager.exe to load. Nothing happens in the computer. I have shut down but dont know what to try. I can still pop out and manually place each mission. Anyone have ideas??? Thanks…

When you say ‘can’t get it to load’, what happens when you try? You say ‘nothing happens’, so are you double-clicking on it and it just does nothing? There’s no error dialog or anything like that? This usually indicates that the program is crashing immediately on start, which can be down to a number of reasons.

Have a look in the Windows Event Viewer in the system Application log and see if you can see any crash information related to the POPM executable. That would help diagnose the problem.

POPM is a .NET application. Ordinarily that would require you to have the relevant .NET version (7.0 or above) installed to run it, but I think @RoastGnu is packaging the executable with the runtime embedded. However, if you want to install the latest .NET desktop distribution just to be sure, you can find it here.

You might also need to install the VC++ redistributable package to allow POPM to connect to SimConnect properly, which is available here.

Im not sure I looked in event viewer correctly, but didnt see POPM listed. I had the VC++ already done and loaded the .NET. When I double click on MSFSPopoutPanelManager.exe it goes to next screen to ask for yes because of administrator and I proceed but nothing happens. No program loads, nothing shows on screen. From two .zips I downloaded, there are two MSFSPopout… programs. One with .exe the other with .sln. I downloaded the zip again and extracted and ran the next .exe, but the same, nada. The YouTube i watched showed a program coming up that was used. Im 82 and not as quick witted as when younger, but still trying. Anymore ideas.

POPM normally sits minimised in your system tray (bottom right)? Have you checked for it there. Once you open it from there you’ll get the main app window appear on screen.

Not there and cant find it except the download folder and the folder I copied it to on a second drive. tried to open the program .exe from both locations.

Allmost like its not on the computer although I see the files and contents.

Hi, when using the app to pop out the GTC (touch) panels in SF50 Vision Jet, using Spacedesk and iPad, the touch functionality is not working. It does how ever work perfectly in the Honda Jet with the same setup and config. Any ideas?

it was there, hidden. but i have to right click it to bring it up and only shows profiles.

Hi - just seen your post. I have the same issue with the Vision jet. Could you tell me how did you roll back to older version?

Can you post a screenshot of what you see once open.

MSFS Pop out panel manager is a great program!
I have successfully set it up to automatically pop out Glass panels to an external 10" LCD screen and very happy with it (within the current limitations of MSFS 3D pop out non-interactive panels and the disapperance of 2d interative panels!)

My question is for aircraft that have 2 panel versions eg DC3 with classic and retrofit, how do I get the MSFS Pop out panel manager to only react to the retrofit version with the glass panel?

Have I missed something or is there a work around?


Hi All,

Just installed this great app and used it with a small touchscreen with 3d printer case. I have popped out my first three panels for the vision jet. But when I touch the touch screen all I get is like a touch effect on the main screen but no action.

Can I just confirm, can you use this app + touch screen to operate the MFD / PFD controls in the vision jet? or indeed any aircraft?