MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager (with Touch Support) [v3.4.1]

Yea restarting the entire computer was the only fix. Very odd.

anyone on the su10 beta? what’s your performance after the last patch? I’m mainly running it because of DX12 being smooth. New patch it doesn’t seem as smooth anymore.

I am but won’t be able to update and test for another 2 hours when I get home

Well it for sure has more stutters than before, with the pop-outs for me barely playable and I could only fly for a short flight as I couldn’t stand the jerkiness of the sim. I found that some things like the backspace key in the controls area to rename things didn’t work for the keyboard. The throttle works for the C208 but does nothing and then the C208 just shuts down after a few mins. I just stopped the game and went and flew in XP. Not impressed any more now than I was before

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Yeah same here unfortunately

Not impressed with the latest beta either. The original had issues (like mouse events in popouts being broken), but performance with popouts was amazing in both DX11 and DX12. Minimal fps loss for popping out panels.

Loaded up in DX11. After a bit of adjustment, I was getting fps in the high 60s - the highest number I’ve ever seen. Popped out a single window, and was at 19 fps. Closed it, back and was back in the high 60s.

Tried DX12. No matter what I do, I can’t break 40 fps. Popouts eat about 3-4 fps each. So with 2 G1000 popouts, I was down to low 30s as a baseline. But while flying, particularly at low altitudes, it dips into the teens. Not playable IMHO.

They really dropped the ball on these last 2 updates when it comes to performance with popouts. Didn’t think they could possibly make it worse, but someone at Asobo obviously heard that and said “Hold my wine”.

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Curved ball idea. Try the PMDG 737-600 for $35. Under the FMC Performance tab there are options to suppress the Cap or 2nd Officer displays - PFD and ND become blank in the 3D View.

Trawling through the files I think the popped out windows are rendered (very efficiently) as 2D. So with less 3D data in the GPU pipeline, FPS could be better.

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What am I doing wrong, or is there something broken? I have the latest version of pop out manager, and SU9. I have three monitors the same resolution (1920x1080). One monitor has a refreshed rate of 144 Hz, on this monitor is running MSFS, the other two has a refresh rate 60 Hz. When I click start panel selection, POP manager ''doesn’t recognize, that I clicked in MSFS window on g1000 screen. The only place where the program recognizes click is, outside msfs window… See the video on the link below (if you put volume sound up, you will mouse clicks, where I was clicking):

Please try restarting Pop Out Panel Manager and see if it fixes your issue or run the app as administrator. In your video, something is blocking the mouse click and Pop Out Manager is not registering the clicks.

Hey @RoastGnu I finally got my RealSimGear GTN750 set up!

Here’s a video of what is currently happening:

(for those that don’t want to watch - I can get the PMS GTN750 to display on the unit, I just can’t get the touch feature working)

When I move my “office” to a new room, hopefully soon, cable management skills will be applied :smiley:

Hi Latka, did you set the RSG 750 to use mouse emulation mode instead of Pen touch input mode? I think I read somewhere that the panel defaults to pen touch input mode and the setting is in control settings for RSG.

If the input mode is set correctly, pop out the panel again using Pop Out Manager and but this time do not enable touch support (uncheck touch enable) for the pop out in Pop Out Manager. This is to test that your touch is indeed sending in as mouse click. What you’ll get in this test is when you touch a button in PMS GTN750, the button will kind of depress and highlight in bluish green but it won’t complete the click through. If so, this is as expected that mouse emulation is working and you can try reenable touch support for the pop out in Pop Out Manager and see what happen.

Unfortunately, I’m guessing here since I’m not 100% sure how RSG emulates mouse click.


Thank you for chimin’ in :slight_smile:

So there’s a point during the installation where you have to use the “Tablet PC” Settings in Control Panel to tell Windows which screen is touch-screen. Well, me being me, I saw “touch the screen” on the main monitor, stopped reading the message and touched the RSG device. Yeah… you’re supposed to hit enter until the message moves to the touch screen device, and THEN tap it. :man_facepalming:

Guess what? When you follow the instructions… it works! :rofl:

Touch-screen RSG GTN750 working with your mod, Stanley. Thank youuuuu!!!

The only thing I have to figure out now is how to get the PMS GTN750 configured to use the whole screen. Right now it’s set up to fill the space of the GNS530. I am sure I can figure it out. Lol just add it to the list of MSFS stuff I gotta tinker with!

Thanks. I had to run it as admin. Just one more question: I don’t know if I didn’t watch it carefully tutorial, or if it is a bug. When I was selecting panels in c172g1000, I got checked the power on, required on cold start - then pop out couldn’t pop out mfd.

I got the following error: Unable to pop out panel number 2. Please check panel’s number circle is positioned inside the panel, check for panel obstruction, and check if the panel can be popped out. Pop-out process stopped.

When I unchecked that button, everything works fine. So this button has to be checked, only when the profile is already created and locked, for cold starts?

Btw, I clicked donate button on git, to encourage you to further develop, this excellent utility. :slight_smile:

I propose, that everyone, who is often flying in msfs and using this toll, do the same… I am planning to make another donation, after a while, because, I sens, that this tool will have more and more functionalities… :slight_smile:

And one more question:
What does exactly disable game refocus, tick box do…?

Would it be possible to add a feature to minimize pop out panel manager after the successful pop out process? I always need to manually hide it.

Yes, definately. I will add this option in the next release.


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@RoastGnu I have not spent a lot of time testing this out, I’ve got the auto pop out panels working great at startup. I’ve noticed that a few AC give an error about popping out panel 2 and what I found was enabling the Battery, Avionics Bus 1 along with Bus 2 fixes those issues. It seems that your only turning on Battery and Avionics Bus 1? Possible to turn on Bus 2 as well?

Avionics 2 alone won’t fix it. It will need a way of specifying what simvars are used for the G1000 power. The Caravan mod is a good example of an aircraft that doesn’t work due to custom power code.

Interesting, yes I found the Caravan one that didn’t work right (I’m not using the mod), but turning on the battery, Av1 and Av2 it did work after that for me and I did that test a few times. Once a few other AC did the same thing, I resolved each one by turning on Batt, Av1 and Av2. I don’t mind doing that to solve it, but if its something more IDK. I’ll have to go back again and verify what I went through to make sure. Thanks!

Hi Azpilot61,

The two SimConnect ActionEvents I used to turn on battery and avionics are MASTER_BATTERY_SET and TOGGLE_AVIONICS_MASTER. I’ve tried all other SimConnect SDK events related to avionics and they just do not work at all. I could go with the route of explicitly specified and code Lvar for each aircraft to turn avionics on, but it will be nightmare to maintain.

For Asobo 208B Grand Caravan (with or without mod), TOGGLE_AVIONICS_MASTER did turn on both AV1 and AV2. But for other G1000 planes, some users are also reporting that somehow panel 2 cannot be popped out unless manually turning on battery and avionics but I’m not able to reproduce the issue. The only aircraft I’ve tested with in my standard edition of MSFS are Cessna 172, Kodiak, Diamond DA62, and 208 Grand Caravan. Also for Grand Caravan, there is bug in that plane that battery and avionics reported by that plane is incorrect and my code currently has work around for it. As for other aircraft, there maybe other issues that causes my code to not work.

Can you tell me which aircraft avionics power on is not working and I can investigate?

As for this whole power on required on cold start for G1000 aircraft thing, this MSFS bug is unique that no other aircraft in the game required power on to pop out panels. Hopefully Asobo can fix this issue soon and I can permanently remove this extra procedure in order to pop out panels.