MSFS Pop Out Panel Manager (with Touch Support) [v3.4.5]

Hi MetalZodiac,

Unfortunately, I’m not able to replicate the issue you’re having. It looks like POPM was not able to get the coordinate for the “magnifying glass” icon to separate the pop outs in your screenshot. Since both v3.4.4.x and v3.4.5 of POPM didn’t work for you, maybe the new algorithm to find the “magnifying glass” icon in POPM did not work with your particular setup. You can try download v3.4.3 (this is the version before the algorithm update) from my github release section and see if it works for you.


Sorry didn’t come here for a while. What you miss to notice is that home cockpit mod is “sticking” plane to your screen. Try without it to bank your plane from left to right quickly, you will see the panel cockpit moving with some momentum. With it enabled the model is fixed to your screen. This momentum effect in camera moves cannot be disabled with any other mean.

that looks nearly what i am looking for.
I also wrote on

Would it be possible to popp out the Panel to a Network PC ?
I am looking for that to use the PMDG in my Homecockpit.
For that i need the Capt and FO PFD/ND and upper EICAS on one PC in the Network and Capt and FO FMC and lower Eicas on another network PC.

Would be really really great if that woud work or can be made possible.


Try disabling you Nvidia game filters. Solved the issue for me

Hi, I too have the same problem.
POPM clicks the X and closes the displayed tools (starting from panel 2).
It’s strange because until a few days ago everything was working correctly and I haven’t installed any addon that could interfere or updated the nvidia drivers.

How can i solve?

You can try touchpanel version

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thanks a lot, i will for sure have a closer look at this !!
A short look … it seams to be what i need …


Ahh…too bad, seams not to work with PMDG which i nee for my Homecockpit… :frowning:

Hi, i don’t know sorry

Hi @RoastGnu with A310 last version works.
Could be a FBW problem ?

I’m having the same issue with error messages on the 2nd panel pop out. I usually have GeForce Experience overlay disabled. When I enable the overlay the alt-t3 filters option says “A supported game is required to use this feature” Seems like freestyle filters aren’t currently working for the latest version of MSFS and GeForce Experience / Drivers. I can’t figure out why I’m only able to pop out the first panel with the 3.4.5 manager.

I just tried mine again and the Freestyle is working, even with the newsert update that just rolled out (1.29.30) i think?
Anyway, i only have this problem when Freestyle is enabled and a filter is selected…if the filters are Off, then it all pops out fine.
Not sure if your freestyle is stuck somehow and causing the problem or if its somethign else as i have yet to see it happen agian after disabling the freestyle filters.

I did see where having other external recording software open can cause you to get the error of “a supported game is required…”
So if you have any of thsoe open, try to close them and then retry.
(or see what else Google says about that error)

Not sure what else to say on that as its all i have experienced.
Good Luck

Thanks for the response. I was able to get a single C172 GNS530 panel pop out to save and it works after restarting the sim. This was my primary goal so that it will auto load into my FlightsimBuilder 530 peripheral. I’m not sure why the 430, ADF, and AP panels are giving me errors.

The GitHub site says the following: * Unable to pop out panels when creating a profile for the first time with error such as “Unable to pop out panel #X”. If the panel is not being obstructed by another window, by changing the sequence of the pop out when defining the profile may help solve the issue. Currently there are some panels in certain plane configuration that does not follow predefined MSFS pop out rule.

I tried re-ordering the panel pop out selections but no difference. If I manually pop out multiple panels they initially all go into a shared Windows 11 Window.

The above is the 530 and the 430 pop outs. Each one has it’s own title-bar and if I hit the + magnifying glass icon on the 430 it opens in a separate pop out window. Maybe this is the issue? If so I need to figure out how to force each pop out to occupy a separate window by default.

Hey, did you ever get this to work, I am having the same error message. I did have it working on another PC, but have built a new PC, and for the life of me can’t get rid of this error.

“Unable to pop out panel. Please check panel’s number circle is positioned inside the panel, check for panel obstruction, and check if panel can be popped out. Pop out process stopped. Is there a answer to this error?..

Hi all,

Sorry everyone of not be able to reply to messages during the past week. I finally able to run some test few minutes ago with v3.4.5 of POPM and no matter what I do, I’m not able to recreate the issue regarding panel #2 and above not being able to separate. I tested it with latest FBW A320 (dev release), Kodiak with G1000, and PMDG 737-800 and with the main game window on a 4K, 2K, and QHD ultrawide monitor on Windows 11 with an AMD 5700XT GPU. Could this problem specific to Nvidia card? I think it is unlikely. And could this be Windows 10 specific?

I’ll look into my app and see could there be a hidden bug that only affects certain PC configurations. The more information I get regarding the issue, the more likely I can isolate what is common between the configuration that is causing the issue (Windows version, screen resolution, GPU).

My problem started when i bought a new monitor. Its a AOC 34" ultra wide. !44mz . I’m running it at 3440 x 1440. My NVIDIA GPU is 3060Ti. I’m running Windows 10. Like I said , I did have it running , same PC, but with different monitor. Every Plane I try is the same results. My guess its something to do with some setting on the monitor…only a guess !

Hi SpecificMaple63,

Will you please try setting your UQHD monitor display scale to 100% in Windows display setting to see if it resolves your issue? I also have an UQHD monitor and I’m running display scale at 125% and I also test it with display scale of 100% and was unable to reproduce your issue. Since your old monitor worked, there must be something that is different in the configuration of the new monitor that is causing the issue.


I did have my UQHD scale at 125%, but changing it back to 100% did nothing…but… I’m using the Honda Jet from FlighFX. Just for giggles I tried another pop out. This time of the PFD panel and I had no problem…geeez. The Honda Jet has 2 GTC panels and those are the ones i’m trying to pop out. As off 11-5 2022 they worked, and that was with my old monitor. I really didn’t use MSFS to much after that, before I got the new monitor. But I know I had them working from my iPad…One thing I noticed when trying to pop out the GTC, when I chose to " Start Pop Out " the camera view would jump up to looking out side of front window, then the error box would pop out. When I tried the PFD pop out, the camera view would stay right on the PFD and it would work.

Have you tried recreating your POPM profiles for the planes from scratch? Because a change of monitors will change the camera position coordinates. Even just changing monitor placement in y our WIndows display settings will throw off POPM completely. I had to recreate all my layouts after switching from a 34" UWQHD to a 50" 4K TV.

Nice – Good for you — I bet it was well worth the effort for the added “Immersion” :nauseated_face:

The RL C172 Cockpit panel is about 40" wide, so you are close to a 1:1 scaling with RW.

Now if only the GPS resolution was correct and as high as the Real World Garmins - they could be, if someone can figure out how to scale them Correctly, without them getting distorted. (hint Hint)