MSFS Popout Panel Manager

I’ve been trying to work with the MFS Popout Panel Manager tool for days. Unfortunately the following error message appears:

Unable to pop out the first panel. Please check the first panel’s number circle is positioned inside the panel, check for panel obstruction, and check if panel can be popped out. Pop out process stopped.

No matter what I do. Thank you for good advice.

Greetings Peter

I’m trying the C-172 with Garmin1000 and C-182 Carenado with Garmin 1000

Which aircraft and panel are you trying to use it on ?

I use the Carenado C-172 and C-182T with Garmin 1000

i dont use this utility but it kinda soundss like you did not finish the setup

you have to manually set these ‘number circles’ for each panel you want the app to control in step 3 of the instructions here

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Also ensure you enable the option “Power On Required To Pop Out Panels” as the G1000’s cannot be popped out when powered off.

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Sometimes the camera position that you set up the panels with is not saved properly and when you attempt to pop them out you’ll see the camera go back to default - if you can see the circled ‘1’ appear outside the panel it should be on, that’s what happened. There’s a button to override the camera position and re-save it, so make sure the camera is where it should be and use that, then try again. Happens to me occasionally with existing saved configs, no idea why.

Has anyone had any issues with the preferences not saving? My POPM does not start automatically with the sim, and I noticed in preferences there’s a checkbox for that which was unchecked. I check it, but then don’t see any kind of “save” button, so I just close the preferences screen. But when I go back in, it’s still unchecked. Sort of weird…

It needs an entry in the exe.xnl file to start automatically with the sim.
First thing to check is did that entry get made correctly.

Hi Stanley,

Is it possible to add a keyboard key assignment such as ESC to quit the popout process. Because it starts automatically on aircraft load there are times I don’t want it and have no way of stopping it.