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Have been trying to get an answer here. I have a new laptop with one month free subscription with XBox and free MSFS standard. I want to buy the MSFS Premium edition and I see it at a discount for $95.00. If I buy this now will I still be able to use it after I cancel my XBox at the end of the free thirty days? Here is a picture of what I am looking at.

Yes you will be able…
Note that the discount is only available during your Xbox Game Pass subscription. If you wait it end, you won’t have the discount.

So I will still own the game and be able to fly after I cancel the XBox subscription? I have read somewhere they just bought the upgrade and still needed the XBox to fly

I am fairly certain that the “upgrade” you are referring to is the one sold in the in game market place and not the one sold on the MS Store.

If you intend to buy MSFS then I would advise you not to purchase any of the upgrade packages for MSFS in the in sim marketplace.

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Thanks, I think I am getting a clearer picture.

Best advice would be, to dont buy the flightsim a the ms store at all but instead on steam. ms store version has several disadvantages. Not so much ingame, but on OS level.

Steam version is not crossbuy. All your purchase will remain on PC only. Only MS version will have crossbuy with Xbox.

That is right. But the opener hasn´t clearly statet he is going to use the actual xbox. I did the word xbox understand for gamepass. I the case you want to use the console xbox, you are absolutely right, steam wouldn´t work. Kind Reagrds. jayDee

One could ask why this even exists, besides tricking someone to buy it only to realise that they need to buy it again, to be able to play without gampass?

I did this, but you will still need to buy the game after you drop Xbox because it comes with the digital licence. You’ll lose the licence if you drop Xbox. However, don’t uninstall the game and the premium content should remain

Yes if you buy it stays in your library when you cancel your game pass sub.

Web will find out because I bought the $95.00 Premium and canceled the Xbox subscription which will expire midnight tonight.

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That was a good buy! Saved you some money, no worries, it works!

It still Works! Thankks everybody!

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