MSFS refuses to boot after SU5

MSFS refuses to boot after installing SU5. (Before you ask: I renamed the Community folder before updating.) It gets to about 75% and then CTD.
After the first try I assumed that the download was corrupted somehow and have since done 3 complete uninstall/reinstall cycles and also installed the Hotfix with no success.
I have not contacted Zendesk, nor do I intend to. Their “Canned” responses are of no help at all and do nothing but aggravate the problem.

Microsoft store version
Windows 10 21H1 Build 19043.1110
I7 4700 16GB DDR4 GTX1080

The same for me. The update went at 25% into a never ending loop. Now no way of starting MSFS. I did all steps which zendesk send me . This time it does not help. I am so upset. I bought that game for playing and not troubleshooting.

patch ok on my First PC (and playing/editing scenery some hours without any problem)
Downloading patch on second PC crash alone during the night after 3 Hours on a classic exception 0xc0000005.
Unstable game at release date are legion now, but 1 year after the release, less.

Could you be more specific about what you tried? Did you delete the file/s that your install is getting stuck on?

@SageExpert24903 , @ThwartCannon820

please show us the error message printed within windows event viewer too.

And users with 16GIG RAM : please check pagefile setting ( and free disc space ).

I started the MSFS and the screen showed me the Installation manager with an available update (30,85GIB) Available DiskSpace 658,98GIB. After pressing the update button it looks as the update is running but actually it stops at 21% and turns into an endlos loop. It shows 56/226 and the message “please wait” but there are always the same files (0.1.19 fspatch) downloaded and decompressed on and on. There is no further downloading process.

That file is corrupt.

Stop your sim, find the file and delete it, and restart the sim.