MSFS Server Traffic

Is it possible to have a flight map a la or for MSFS server traffic?

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You should post this as a wishlist item.
I dont think it would be a priority, but certainly something very cool to look at.

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If MSFS will make one great. But I don’t expect that. I was just asking if this can be a third party tool and how theoretically it can be done.

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The sim handles multiplayer from a server perspective. This means that the server will only send the closest 50 planes to you and nothing else. Im not very familiar with the SDK and methods of getting multiplayer data, but i know that its currently not implemented in simconnect. Probably something to be updated in the future

I agree with Cookie that this should be in the wishlist category - it’s a nice idea for something they could add in the future, so worth having it in there for others to vote on.

May i ask why you would want that, what would be the purpose?

I like flying with traffic. So if I could choose an area of heavier traffic ahead of loading a flight that would be very useful. There is currently no way to find out where the concentration of pilots are on MSFS servers without zooming in on the world map.


There’s actually a Wishlist topic for this right now:


Never see anyone anyway lol servers are dead due to the multiplayee visual bug… we stopped flying

I flew three livestreams over the weekend, and other than that issue where MP traffic spontaneously disappear then reappear there were lots of planes visible, along with live traffic.

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I do find traffic most of the time. A mix between Live Traffic and MP traffic. It depends the area and airport.