MSFS starts and stops see video

see at the end

What are you computer specs?

9900k 3090 32gb ram . I had no issues till the last 2 updates.Now a320x not even can be in the community folder as MSFS doesnt want to start with it.

you can see on my channel there videos were even recorded during flight in 4k no issues

My guess would be the stuttering was caused by scenery loading in, and London is about as complex as it gets. Still shouldn’t crash, though.

Wow, looked like it was performing beautifully before severe stutters. Maybe try making that same flight in a single engine steam gauges rather than glass? In fact, try same flight in a few different aircraft?

High end components you’re using there. SSD or HDD?

2x2tb nvme
system and fs on the same

today i did a landing challange no issues.

but when i wanted to make a dxdiag it had a problem to read some 3d related stuff.

So i switched on the monitor as you can see on the top rightr corner the GPU is yellow mostly so its struggeling.

I dont know maybe its NVIDIA or MFSF handshake issue