MSFS stopped working, so I uninstalled it

MSFS stopped working, so I uninstalled it…
I went to Microsoft Store and it reports that I own the game and gives me the option to Install.
But when I click on ‘install’, I confirm the hard drive selected has more than enough space on it, and then it returns to the previous page and nothing happens (it doesn’t download/install) - It just 'sits there…
I’ve even turned off the firewall, but still nothing.
I’m definitely signed in with the correct email address and the account settings are ‘Administrator’ .
What could be stopping the download/install?
Thanks for any help…!

Check the Windows Store app itself for Updates pending (not the MSFS app inside Windows Store).

Thanks, but no updates are pending… (i.e. the windows store app itself is up-to-date.)
I’ve also confirmed that my account settings are set to ‘Administrator’…

tried to help someone last week with exact same issue , not able to reinstall with store version. that OP couldn’t get it to work at all.
But here are a few reminders :
Have you updated windows to latest version ? Spyglass > type winver + enter
Have you installed the ‘new’ xbox …program ? Check MS store.
do you get any error messages when you try to install ?
Make sure you have zero background programs running , like seagate software …

At last…!
MSFS is now reinstalled and working!
Here’s what it took - 4.5 hours on the phone with Microsoft support where they transferred me to a total of 6 technicians from various departments (including Windows as well as Xbox) before a great technician in the Philippines sorted it out. (She took remote control of my computer.)
An installation (update) to the latest Windows version didn’t fix it, so ‘in desperation’ she ran a full Windows repair, after which I was able to download and reinstall the program from Microsoft Store.
We were ‘that close’ to having to wipe everything off the computer and do a complete reinstallation of the Operating System.!
I hope this helps any other poor soul who encounters a similar issue…
Thanks for the support and suggestions!