MSFS Store FBW A-320-neo not visible

Does anyone have a clue why, when I select the FBW A-320 from the list of planes it will not show on the tarmac when the flight opens? Every other plane shows, but not the FBW from my Content Manager.


You can not use the MSFS version anymore. It is not supported. You must remove the store version completely and install it using the FlyByWire installer from their website.

FBW Pulled it from the Marketplace quite sometime ago, head to their website and install the FBW Installer and then update the plane.



Make sure you completely uninstall the one you have now first.

Because you are supposed to use the FBW installer to do that. Now you need to un-select the FBW in the Content Manger, Then use the FBW installer to load it. Suggest using the Development version.

Once again, my sincere thanks!

I was frustrated because I did a complete re-install and the FBW still showed up in the liveries.


Make sure you delete the marketplace FBW via the Content Manager, that way your cloud profile is saved with the content that you currently have installed/removed. Otherwise, the next time you login to MSFS, it can redownload the same FBW content from the servers again without you knowing.