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So I have Game Pass Ultimate and know I don’t own the game, however apart from MS/Asobo I am unaware of which third party purchases will allow me to use my purchase on both PC and Xbox.

Has anyone made a list/spreadsheet of software that can be played on both while only purchasing once?

If you own the game from the Microsoft store (not steam) you can play it on both Xbox and PC.

Any purchase made from the in sim marketplace are eligible (if compatible) for both Xbox and PC.

Anything purchased outside the in sim market place could only be used on PC and not XBOX.

I hope that helps.

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Thanks i know this.

Is there a list of eligible software?

Have any devs said yes we will let you have our software on both?

The list is ALL addons purchased through the marketplace. There are no exceptions. The only time you don’t get cross-play between PC and Xbox is if you buy the Steam version. Then NO addons purchased via your MS account are transferred.

Oh ok thanks,

So to clarify, if i bought the PMDG 737 (When its available) on the marketplace i can play it on the Xbox and the PC?

Last i heard it was only Asobo products that is guaranteed to do this and third party was optional and down to the individual companies.

As long as the 3rd party dealer makes their add-ons available on both platforms, it will be available on both with 1 license. Not all 3rd party devs will make an Xbox version though. There are some devs that will only make their wares available on PC.

That’s less to do with licensing issues than it is to do with having to simplify their PC version in order to make it run on the more limited Xbox resources. Not every 3rd party dev will want to do that. Some will choose to release on PC only. But if they also offer an Xbox version and you buy it in the marketplace, it will be available on both platforms.

So until PMDG actually say whether or not they’ll be making it available on Xbox, no one knows the answer to that question.

All items in the marketplace have little symbols just above the price to show what platform they are compatible with, e.g.:


There doesn’t seem to be a way to filter by one or the other though.

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