MSFS Update 27th August 2020 79GB

I understand that an update is available and in my content manager tells me so. I have re booted the game as stated to install it but this is not happening. When I try to click in the box to highlight the update nothing happens.
Has anyone actually received this update?

I´m also waiting for this update, thought it would be installed automatically when the Sim searches for updates at the start. By the Way, what do you mean with “Content manager”, where I can find it?



Content manager is in your profile Toulouse. (Home)

There is no update available. It’s coming in a week.
The content manager display is just a bit misleading.


Oh dude, thanks! Experienced the SIm now around 16 hours and found my profile for the first time now lol. But it´s the same to me, seems like the Update was sent to the servers but not approved for download yet. As far As I know it was dated to August 28 in a blog from Microsoft. I think it is mentioned on their main website…with a countdown…but can´t find it atm…

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Thank you Coppersens…I have searched for news on this subject…yes the date and Content manager is misleading.

Did you find some information, to which date it is mentioned? I guess there were bigger bug shootings necessary, so they shifted the date…

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Welcome to the forum @FlyingPotter802 , but please try and use the search tool first :slight_smile: This is the default state of the content manager for the main package and does not mean there is an update available. There have been too many posts to count on this subject already.

When theres an update the various packages will update at the start when it says searching for updates. You wont miss it, and you wont need to do anything except hit the update button when its presented.


Thanks FaintFuzzy…this was the answer I was looking for but when it says 27th August I believe it. Cannot find applicable content within forum .

This is what you find if you search for “27th update”

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Thanks all…I understand the search method now…I’m not that forum savvy but getting there.
Thanks again for your help guys :slight_smile:

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That’s not the size from the update. Is the current size from the existing file installed on the PC.
The update message it’s when you open the simulator and verify if exists update or not. In this case, no update yet. When it exist the simulator will do it.

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they said from 28th Aug. they will release the Update in a Time of 7 Days. Im sure its coming next week.


Hi all, my first post, I just downloaded the game.
I started downloading it last night and went to bed. Early this morning, I came back to my PC, only to find my desktop.

I re-launched the game and now the Content Manager is trying to download a 77.7GiB patch, but it just stays there with “please wait” in the bottom right, and I am waiting a long time… it won’t let me do anything else, and the “pause” button doesn’t do anything… I closed it, restarted the PC and launched again, same issue…

What to do? Any suggestions?


UPDATE: so I dis-installed the game from Steam, and removed the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder from users/appdata… I did a new installation, this time it went fine, and it did not offer me a patch…
All good now, sorry if I created any confusion, but it did specifically say before that it was installing a “patch”…