MSFS Update 5 - Ground services and Jetways at airports GONE

Hello Everyone,

Quick question, did anyone have their ground services (baggage vehicle, pushback tug, catering truck) and jetways disappear completely from airports after MSFS Update 5. I tried several airports and it was the same results. Does anyone have any fix for this? Thank you


I’ve seen baggage, catering, fuel service. I have yet to see a pushback option, despite seeing a tug outside the plane. Makes me choose my depart location much more carefully now…

By chance do you have bought and installed AREX Custom Ground Services Pack for MSFS 2020 by Latin VFR? Because I have and missing all service trucks and tugs. Only solution was to uninstall those addons. ( I have market versions)

Latin VFR told on forum update has been sent to MS for Marketplace. If you bought directly from them you can already update.


I’m seeing missing jetways and it appears to be random. Sometimes there and sometimes not. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the AirportServices that’s bugged, and is also responsible for the CTD’s when people are waiting to start a flight.
It’s happening randomly with a custom airport I’m testing, but if I go to the same stock airport that comes with the sim and an empty community folder, the CTD’s still occur.
It’s driving me insane.

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Question: Do you have any addon airports in your community directory?

If so, look to see if any of them have “AirportServices” directory or “LivingWorld_Config”. If so, remove these airports (temporarily… if you want them back, you can delete these directories and remove the files references to these directories from the layout.json of the airport) from Community directory and see if your services return. If they do, then these files are at fault.

I don’t know what the current state of AirportServices is, but, if they are improperly written (and it’s possible the whole Airport Services SDK concept is improperly implemented), then they will apply to the whole ecosystem. Typically, authors write these to remove services from small airports.

I’m still working on figuring out how to write them so they only apply to the local airport and don’t affect the whole system. I have an idea, but I haven’t tested it yet, and I want to start a discussion over at the SDK message board about this subject.


Yes. I do have that LVFR AREX custom Ground Services pack. Do I have to uninstall those?

Yes, it’s very likely this is causing your issue.

Hi mate,

No, I’m a Add-on developer, I’m testing with only my airport in the comm folder, and also with it completely empty. Seeing the same in both scenarios. About to embark on an evening of testing.
We seem to be thinking along the same lines regarding the global airportservices.
Also sometimes it takes a long time for the jetways to appear.

For me, removing LVFR AREX brough trucks and tugs back (default ones ofc).

I will wait for marker version update.

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It appears that the AREX europe and North America have released an update already through the Contrail app. I will be testing it out this afternoon to see if grounds services are back… If not, I will uninstall them and wait for a proper update

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I was actually talking to the first two post authors, but, I imagine that the Airport Services functionality has been messed up with the release, or perhaps changed in some way. I’m still waiting for the new SDK to be released.

I’ve been trying to get these Airport Services functionality to work since last October so they only affect the local airport they are written for. Currently, the last one read affects the whole installation, which is wrong, but seems to be how it’s implemented. I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but I’m wondering if titleing the services block like:


	<ParkingSpace  name ="GATES_KACK" MinParkingSpaces="2">  

might leave the default services in place at other airports?

What else can we do to get the Services and Living World Config to only affect the airport they are written for?

I’ve been meaning to start this conversation with the SDK development staff at the SDK forum.

(The LVFR services pack, however, is meant to affect the whole installation. I didn’t bother to get it because I only fly from small GA airports, and, according to them, it adds services I likely don’t want at the airports I fly from. The last thing I want is firetrucks and loaders and the like running around.)

Yep just made full flight Prague LKPR → Bratislava LZIB and as soon I uninstalled AREX europe and North America services was back to normal.

Need wait till update will be released for Marketplace version.

I did a custom airport and made an error with the services folder structure that caused most services to be missing from all of MSFS. The solution is to be sure there is a folder in your root directory-I called mine AirportServices- and then be sure the Services.spb script goes into that folder. If the Services.spb script is directly in the root folder, MSFS interprets that as a world override. I think the SDK has how to guide for services, but I am not sure.

Yes, the SDK has a guide, and there are example Services.xml and LvgWld_cfg.xml files in the SDK, but it’s not clear how to make them ONLY work for the local airport they. It even says that the files will control the whole installation. But the implication of the file structure and naming convention is that they only work for the local airport. But that’s not been my experience. I’ve installed other addons, with the correct file structure, and, since I installed them after my own airports, they are later in the content.xml, and their contents overrode my services and living world config files.

Trust me, I’ve been writing them since October and poured over the SDK for every tidbit.
Be that as it may, there is a forum now for SDK work and I just need to put my questions and discussion together and ask.

Flight plan transfer from littlenavmap.

Until I updated to version 5 I had no problem transferring my flight plan from littlenavmap to msfs. However in the new version msfs recognizes that I want to fly from airport A to airport B but instead of using my littlenavmap route msfs designs me a new route using the limitations on the airspaces surrounding both airports. I assume that I can fix this by changing a setting in msfs. Any advise would be welcome. Driftymikeh

Do you have LVFR airport environment installed?

Yes it’s updated and I see them all the time now

For me sometimes the jetways will not appear at all, sometimes they will appear and will not be functional, and sometimes they will be completely functional. The same goes for stairs at ramps. I am not using any ground services addons or anything like that, and I’ve found that this occurs both at asobo hand made airports and third party airports.

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I have the sane issue. With scenery LEBL barcelona. No jetways appears.

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For me, the deactivation of the standard ground services caused an Airport MOD (from in the community folder. Search for “AirportService” in the community folder. One of these MODs that owns this folder will cause the error. I was able to pinpoint the point in time when the services were no longer working, so I deleted the latest one and was immediately successful. Deactivate / delete the MOD and the MSFS standard ground services will work again.

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