MSFS Update and PC power consumption during update

when the MSFS runs an update on my PC, I notice a high power consumption. The power consumption is same as the MSFS would run as usual.

With my middle-quality internet a typical MSFS update runs around 2-3 hours.
During update-time I would like to prevent the high power-consumption of MSFS.
It does not help to switch MSFS into windows mode and minimize the window.

Is there any option, to run the MSFS update in a way that the PC power consumption is reduced?
Thx for response

Has been an issue since launch. MANY threads created on this. Still not resolved even though this is a small fix. Ridiculous. No respect for our hardware.


Put on a frame rate limiter during updates. Simple.


If you’re using an Nvidia card, go to Nvidia control panel and put an fps limit on MSFS

Enable ingame vsync and limit framerates to 30fps. Works for me. Specs in user profile

I just turn on the fps limiter in nvidia control panel if it’s a large update that will take hours.

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