MSFS updated the navigation data, are you still using navigraph?

In the last update of MSFS, the navigation data was announced. Is it necessary to install the beta version of navigraph? Is the magnetic error corrected inside the MSFS? thank you very much!
At the same time, after the latest patch update of navigraph, there will be frustrations and suspended animations in many places, such as NZNR. Although Navigraph found the problem, there has been no news for more than ten days.

sorry about the NZNR issue which you reported in our forum, but we are also “normal” user as you. Third party developer has only a limited support via a 3rd party forum but the response there is very, very limited and slow. What we hear and see, Partners have direct access to ASOBO/MS and that makes the life a lot easier.

We are working after the “try & error” system, as the most other 3rd party developer here. Also the specs (SDK) are uncomplete, partly (samples) wrong and not very detailed. Therefore such reports are also frustrated for us too, sorry.

Believe me, as soon we have found the reason for stuttering at NZNR, we will fix it (when we can) or we report it to ASOBO, in the hope they will fix it but IFR isn’t on their top priority, when you look on their future plans and update lists.

By the way, I can only reproduce it on NZNR no elsewhere, but I haven’t tried it now after the last ASOBO patch. Will do in the next hours.

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Despite many problems, I am still using navigraph beta. In any case, I will continue to be a user of navigraph and charts and hope that the product will get better and better. I did not accuse any defects of navigraph products, just to consult if it is necessary. I hope all the efforts of navigraph are effective.

What’s the difference now between using Navigraph’s data and Asobo data? I am using Navigraph’s data currently but am wondering whether I should turn it off and use it only for charts if Asobo is keeping it updated to the same standard.

Navblue is still missing data

navigraph > navblue