Msfs vanished!

Today on starting MSFS it asked for a mandatory update, downloaded, now MSFS has deleted itself as well as everything in the community folder. Any ideas from anybody what may have occurred ?? Original install from MSFS release over 2 years ago.

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What the heck!!

Yes, this has happened to a few of us, including myself. I put it down to a third-party software which manages add-on’s, nothing to do with Add-on Linker which I am confident is very safe to use. Are you using a third-party app’ to manage your add-on files? If you search this forum, you will find more chatter about this subject. I should also add that my drive that MSFS was installed on, also became corrupted. Check you drive for errors…

Are you using the Steam version?


Hi Charles,
I was not using any add-on linking apps . Only updates where to two community scenery files and a windows 11 software update. Unsure if they would be the reason for this however. Was very odd, msfs did a 2gb in-game update, then asked for a mandatory Microsoft store 2 gb update then everything was gone.
You are right , ssd then would not reboot due to corruption in the file structure, which I am rectifying at present with a full system reinstall !!

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This just happened to my a few minutes ago - After some sort of 2 GB update that was required. Now I can’t reistall because I need 157 GB of free space, and I have only 102, due to the sim files that remained are taking up 108 GB.

I am not a happy a camper, It just deleted the main exe files.

Were you enrolled in the Beta?

I’ve known this to happen when it loses connection to the server, as if it loses your profile. Only way I’ve got round it is Ctrl+Delete or ending the game on Xbox and keep trying until it loads up normally. Too late for the OP, I know…

yes I am - but I see no indication the AAU2 beta has started?

Edit: my entire sim files are still on my drive, how ever the WPSystem and WindowsApp folders are missing some sub folder files. Usually the flightsim.exe files and dll’s

There was a 2GB push for this. Not the actual beta. If your MSFS is in the default location, higher chance of wiping it out.

I also had the same 2GB update. However, my install is custom. So when it prompted that it wanted to go to the default location, I changed it to point to my custom location. It scanned and then loaded normally with no additional downloads.

It is very advisable to install in a custom location if you plan on participating in the betas.

My install has worked fine for the last three years.

F drive install

F:/MSFS with the associated system folders
WPSystem and WindowsApp

That’s not a custom drive. It’s an app drive. So to MSFS, that would be default.

LOL, so you are saying a default install would get butchered?

Correct. Why it does it, I don’t know. But there are warnings about this in the beta forums. Unfortunately there isn’t one when joining the Xbox Insider.

A lesson I learned a while back!

Well, for me things have been working fine for three years, all the pre release and all the betas. Just today without warning, it deleted my flightsim.exe files. Well in the process of freeing up disk space now.

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Ok now I see something different. I have an XboxGames folder. There is a new folder structure that is making a mess of things.

Got my install nuked with yesterday’s update as well.
Luckily, I have the Steam version installed on the same drive, so I’ve copied the files over.

I feel for everyone with a slow or capped Internet connection.

I’m heading to the computer to do fresh Macrium Reflect drive images of my C: and D: drives.

After spending a few hours, moving folders and files to backup drives and cold rebooting a few times with updates to store, xbox and other MS apps. Removing myself from the Beta, I was able to get back my sim installation without downloading the entire 157 GB.

I’m sure there is a new folder structure with this XboxGames folder.

Suggestion to others - If you don’t have this folder in the same drive as WPSystem and WindowsApp, and you are in the beta then you “may” have issues.

Same here… NEVER has any signs of MSFS disappearing, and i have been in and out of the betas a few times during the past 2 years.

Now I am permanently in the Beta (for about 9 months), always have had MSFS installed in the default location on the C drive, and have run with and without the Internet connected.

MSFS from MS-Store (Not Steam)

So it is not clear to me, or has anyone adequately explained, why some are loosing their MSFS Installation.

But - hard drives do occasionally fail, or become corrupted ?

It happened right after a 2.00Gb update from the Store.
Call me cynical, I doubt this is simple coincidence!