MSFS Window Loses Focus Randomly - Disables Frame Generation (Solved)

On the latest beta, I’m noticing that the main MSFS window is losing main focus as the selected main window from time to time, is this a bug? Frame Generation relies on the window being the main focus, but I notice that my mouse goes back to “desktop” mode while keeping the msfs window visible and the frame rate drops. So I have to manually click back on the window to get FG to work again. Anyone else noticing this?

I’m only running with FSRealistic, FSLTL and GSX Pro.
10900K 5.2GHz stable, 4090 Strix, 64GB 3600 DDR4.

Looks like I found the culprit. It’s due to Microsoft Widgets and MSEdgeWebview2 fighting for main focus in the background.

To fix it, I found the following code to disable the widgets and news app. To run you must create a reg file in Notepad:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Restarted the PC, ran the simulator again and haven’t had my mouse go back to desktop anymore.
This is running Windows 11 with the latest updates. I’ll file an issue for this in Feedback Hub as well. If you’re experiencing stuttering in Windows 11, I recommend to give this a try (at your own risk of course, also create a restore point before hand) and report back if it has helped you.

Thanks all. :slight_smile: