Msfs won't allow me to save a new profile?

strange problem with my Keyboard just won’t save a new one.I want to add wing views and can do that without a problem.
the issue is that when i save the new profile and rename it to Fenix again,go back into msfs2020 .go back into settings within 10 seconds the new profile has is back using the default keyboard profile.
doesn’t matter how many times i try and save a new profile it disappears.
any help appreciated

Try saving it without .save
Just type Fenix A320

I’ve tried different names for profile.and duplicating the default with the key commands i want in soon as i leave the settings page ,the profile is gone.!!.when i look again or restart msfs it is not there.i’ve even tried headbutting my desk.that didn’t work either.

Delete all custom keyboards. Restart msfs.
Then open the default default keyboard and make one change only. It will prompt you to save and rename. Name it, save and click apply. Does this remain?
Try starting from a blank keyboard mapping. It would be a pain to remap the entire keyboard though.
Select New and name it something. Do Not use Copy. Then make only the views you want to create. Save it and click apply.
If it remains and works, my guess would be a corrupt keyboard .xml in msfs and using copy just carries over the problem to the new one.

Thanks CC.
I’ll try it.i have tried first part doesn’t remain as soon as i leave settings ,when i go back it has disappeared.I’m hoping n ext patch will solve it when i reinstall msfs.

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