MSFS Won't launch Premium Deluxe - only Standard!

ANYONE! Please help. I’ve purchased Premium Deluxe and everytime I install and re-install it, the program is in standard mode. I don’t have the extra 787 nor the additional airports.

Please advise!

Ditto here. I am just contemplating uninstalling and trying the prem deluxe version on MSstore account. Both are listed on my account.
The problem for me is that there are NO INSTRUCTIONS, and it is too easy to just do the wrong thing.
It is ok for them to be on top of it, but seriously, Where are the instructions?

Solved, but still no instructions or manual. Online maybe?

Hi there,
This is a shot in the dark but my friend had the same issue because he had (2) microsoft login identities/accounts. If you have 2, try to login with each. In doing so, he found that one of them gave him access to the premium deluxe version he bought. I can’t get in touch with him at the moment to ask him for more info but will try tomorrow. Hope this helps.

Just checked list of aircraft, and there are 30 there. Looks like Premium deluxe is installed.
Doesnt help that all versions have the same name when installed!!
So I won’t be uninstalling unless I have to.
Have spent 3 hrs refurbishing saitek pedals (old), so they work properly.
Now to attack the joystick and get that working properly. Logitech attack 3, not listed, but works, requires calibration though. so am pulling apart and seeing if it is a physical problem before buying something new.
Sorry OP that I couldn’t be of help.

All working well using the Steam version.

Updated the 3.x GB pretty fast and all the craft and airports and versions are showing up in the Game Content showing PAID at each version.

From News and Announcements in this forum

Content missing:

  • It may take up to 24 hours for the additional content to unlock. Your Deluxe or Deluxe Premium content will then be downloaded via the Content Manager.