MSFS works my RTX 2080 harder in the menu than it does in flight

I submitted a ticket already, and found a prior thread about this from about 10 days ago. It’s really irritating that sitting at the menu is pushing my card to 97-99%, and to the higher temps than I get it when benchmarking it (80C). But when I’m in flight, or heck even when I pause a flight, I’m fluctuating between 60-90% usage depending on the situation, and my temps are low 70s.

That’s one hardcore menu you got there, MSFS. Are you using my computer to help you mine bit coins or something? I mean c’mon.


Same for me… Menus are adding $$s to my power bill… why it is so? :unamused:


Same with Forza Horizon 4. It’s that stupid background animation behind the menus that apparently runs at maximum quality settings all the time.

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It’s because they’re rendering a fully dynamic scene in the background. If you go to “Profile” and then “My Hangar” you can actually enter that scene and move around the camera.

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Right…the thing that gets me is that even BEFORE that while the game was downloading if I minimized the window the card would hit 99%.

It would be nice to be able to disable that background scene anyway. It’s great for liveries but otherwise you can’t even see it.


You can calm the GPU down quite a bit by activating Vsync. Without Vsync, my machine goes to 137-ish fps at 100% GPU, with Vsync at 60fps it goes down to 47 %.
2020-08-30 12_25_36-Window

It would probably be nice if Asobo implemented a frame rate cap for the menu.


In the mean time, you can use Riva Tuner (comes with Afterburner) to cap your frames. I do that for other games that have the same ‘busy menu’ problem.

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I think it just means that you‘re CPU bound in flight -> MainThread takes longer to complete than the GPU leading to the fact that the GPU has some idle time. In the menu, the CPU has not much to do -> the limiting factor becomes the GPU - of course on a very high frame rate. That‘s also the reason why V-Sync helps here, it limits the frame rate and therefore reduces load for the GPU.


That’s a big nope. CPU is just dandy.

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Look, marketing said it needed to be there.


I dont get why the video isnt just a pre-rendered video, like the into movie. Its actually being rendered by the card :confused: they do need to fix that full throttle menu. Cracks me up hearing the nice relaxing music whilst my PC sounds like 747 next to me.


Sadly it is entirely due to the fact that this is a console game - need a frame limiter for the backend independent of flight or as they should have done in the first place - entirely separate console and PC start ups/backend. Clear to see where MS see the future of this technology! And that music - is exactly there to stop you taking a hammer to your screen :wink:

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is it with every aircraft or in particular with airliners?

Same here. Something is definitely wrong. It should not be frying our hardware or rendering 1000 unnecessary Fps inside menus or whatever it’s doing.

Hi there - it’s not the airplanes it is the whole loading/starting of the app even before you get to setup screens (basically as soon as you hit press to start). AND even when i was downloading the game (I can’t call it a Sim yet until I spend some time flying and not CTDing) my GPU was spiking. I would say it is shocking coding but then if you have a console - maybe not so much I guess.

I don’t think it has anything to do with consoles; I have the same thing happen in some other PC games, too.

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This, definitely nothing to do with consoles. Nor is it anything to do with any particular elements in the menu, background or anything like that.

In most modern game engines, the ‘menu’ is not running as a separate piece of software, window or launcher, so could just be at a blank map/world area with an interface drawn in front. This then gets rendered at probably hundreds if not thousands of fps depending on the system because the game engine is trying to run it to the best of its ability still.

Best thing is to run external software as mentioned already to cap fps at what you need so can avoid these types of situations across all games.

(As to why the GPU may work harder in the menu, thats because you are probably CPU bottlenecked while actually flying so the GPU may not run at 100%, meanwhile the menu has minimal CPU load and thus its probably allowing the GPU to run at 100% here.)

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This is not true. Unless you’re seeing constant 100% CPU and 40-60% GPU in game, then you aren’t CPU bottlenecked. It’s rather difficult to bottleneck your equipment unless you have a brand new vid card and a 10 year old cpu.

Once my system rendered San Francisco and stored it on ram and in cache, it was running at 50% CPU and 60% GPU, with 100+ fps, flying around, on ultra, while my view is constantly changing, and it is calculating live weather and multiplayer planes. But the freakin menu has my CPU at 50-70% load, and my GPU at almost 100%.

As I stated before, the menu of MSFS gets my RTX 2080 hotter than even the stress test I put it under. I have custom fan curves set. I never see my video card get hot. It’s why I joked that they were stealing my video card computing power for bit coins or something. It’s insane.


Look at my overlay at the top left. I’m running graphics completely maxed on ultra and am flying in san francisco. In the menu however, simply rendering a plane in the background that is sitting still doing nothing is putting my gpu at 97% and the temp at 80C. That’s unacceptable.


The engine is incapable of utilizing all threads of a CPU, so it will become cpu limited even if it does not show 100% utilization. If you view each thread or core individually you will see one maxed out from the game thread then others at various levels of utilization from secondary processes.

In the menu there is little required CPU usage, so its more likely to take the game towards a GPU bottleneck (in the sense that its likely rendering at several hundred fps, not that GPU is slow in some way).

My explaination is not to say how it operates is good, or your system is bad in anyway way, it is just why the engine in its current form likely behaves the way that it does from experience in working with other game engines. (I have no idea why your GPU gets hotter in the menu than you’re stress tests however.)

Maybe they’ll add a frame limiter for menu state, but this issue is rather typical among games these days. Personally I use an external frame rate limiter like others have mentioned.