MSFS World Map

Is there any way I can get the taxiways to show on the chosen airport when it zooms in, rather than just the runways and a load of white dots depicting gates and ramps mixed with greenery?.

Moved to Menus & Activities as it is related to the World Map!

This thread may help - How can I see the msfs made up taxi ways on a map?

Just to confirm that the solution offered in the other thread - use LittleNavMap - is still valid and the best free option for PC users who want to see how MSFS has assigned taxiways and parking spots.

Note that these often differ from how IRL taxiways and gates/parking stands are designated unless it’s a custom airport.

Appreciate the input but LNM is not for me as i feel the user interface is too busy and cluttered, I suppose I will have to put with runways and little white dots.