MSFS XBOX SERIES X won't install to HDD


I decided to purchase a digital license key, in the hopes of discontinuing my game pass subscription at some point and time, and still be able to use it with a permanent license to my xbox account.

Even though it says its xbox series s/x compatible. i think i am regretting the purchase unless there is a work around, or maybe at minimum downgrade to a series S machine, so i can use it on a local storage medium.

I did originally buy a disc copy, which clearly stated XBOX SERIES X on the dis label, thought maybe a bad burn. So I decided to go the route of a key thinking that the risk of it failing again was minimal, not so.

Personally I think its bad for business to sell a product, claim that it will work on a machine. and turns out it won’t. Hopefully they will update this - it seems deceptive to lead the customer in believing that it should work and it doesn’t.

I’m trying to understand your situation, but I’m not clear on what your issue is.

You have an Xbox Series X?

You bought the sim for Xbox via the Xbox Game Store on the Xbox and the sim will not install on your Xbox?

You bought the Xbox Series X disc version of the sim and it won’t install on your Series X?