MSFS20 stopped working for anyone?

I’ve been fortunate in so much that the sim has worked since launch for me. Albeit with the lack of polish, missing features and bugs well coverad across the forum. Until 26th August.

Now I like many others freeze on the initial loading screen, the blue bar around 80% complete every time.

I’ve tried running as Administrator, clearing cache elements etc. but without sucess. Has anyone else seen similar? Just hoping for a solution that does not involve a full reinstall.


Not the exact same, but up until a few days ago, I didn’t have hardly any issues. Then, the game will load, but right when it gets to the main menu screen, or shortly after, the screen goes blank. The sound still plays, but that’s it. The computer eventually restarts, or I restart it. I thought it might have been a hardware issue of some kind, but my computer is not even a month old and with new parts. So I don’t know what’s going on. I can still play the game, it just seems to always freeze like this one of two times before.