MSFS2020 5900x overclocking PBO or all core? Maybe D.O.S

what would be the best way to overclock the 5900x for MSFS2020? PBO or an all core overclock? Also my motherboard has Dynamic overclock switching, anyone already has this up and running for msfs2020?

Rig Specs; CPU AMD Ryzen 5900X, GPU AMD RX6900XT, Memory 8 Pack Ripped Edition 32GB 4x8 3600 CL14, WD-SN850 Black 500 GB, WD-SN850 Black 2TB, Asus MoBo X570 Dark Hero, Be Quit Straight power 1200 Watt platinum. 18 Noctua fans , Aquacomputer Octo tempsensores, yes I am a PC freak.

watercooled 2 x360 rads noctua’s push pull EKWB blocks for GPU and CPU

Screen LG 34GN850-B 50 FPS still stutters…

I have a similar setup except for the video card. What I have done and it seems to work okay for me is
A: undervolt the cpu by 0.125 volts (Setup in Bios)

B: PBO is set on. I don’t mess with manual on that.

C: I do not have the dynamic overclock switching sad to say.

Both CPU and GPU are water cooled. GPU is also undervolted as well with MSI Afterburner.

I run FS 2020 in custom mode. Most things set to high and the LOD detail is set to a resolution just below true 4K. Depending on the area I average 50 to 60 FPS. New York looks great with this setup.

A couple of things that I have noticed with Frame Rates. If I start the Sim and load a presaved scenario my FPS are a little lower than if I manually set it up and then load it. Also FPS decline as well when I load the second scenario. Weird but it does happen; not to the point that the game suffers. I also encounter some stutters as well.

Temps with this setup run around 60 to 65 for CPU and 55 to 60 for GPU

Hope this helps

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I don’t think either will give you a whole lot TBH. But since single-thread performance is king in MSFS, I’d go with Curve Optimizer to possibly reach slightly higher boost frequencies. You can also increase the power/current limits with PBO at the same time.

I wouldn’t expect getting more than maybe 3% or so extra performance though. At 50 fps that’s another 1.5 fps at best.

thanks, sometimes I have the feeling to spend too much time tuning in stead of flying.

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