MSFS2020 cannot open offline or hd is missing

I continuously get this error…Ive updated my windows, updated the xbox app, ran it in administrator mode…uninstalled reinstalled…this is really getting old…why does it keep doing this?

Now suddenly its working…

I had this problem with a defect SSD. Bought a new one (bigger) and all was good.

i only have issues with MSFS I install other hd ware on the same drive with no issues. Also my SSD is 2 years old.
I almost have always received this error message with MSFS2020

this does kinda sound like a hardware issue, the fact it only happens with a specific program is quite common, msfs uses a Lot of disc space And a Lot of temporary disk space (much more than other typical games)

how big and how full is this ssd? ssd’s treat temp space much differently than standard platter drives.
if ssd’s are too full this can be a serious problem (not to mention it will wear them out in a hurry)

the drive is only one possibility here but it may be the most likely (the offline issue suggests more than one problem is randomly happening with “Now suddenly its working…” random failure kinda suggests hardware, software tends to be more consistant)
your having 2 separate and odd issue’s, neither of which have been seen commonly that im aware of
this strongly suggests its something local, ‘hd is missing’ again suggests hardware or drivers
all that does not mean the hardware is bad, it could simply be a driver conflict but these are the kind of things i would start checking if it was me

I do heavy 3d assets such as unity engine which is huge…MSFS is the only sim I currently play.
the SSD is 10 tb
Ever since I did a windows update a few updates ago I had to reformat my pc because the update messed up my system bad. I would like to get some kind of disk doctor software to see if its bad or what…

I just checked my disk status with a disk health checker…
Drive C: Good 97%
Drive E: Good
Drive D: Good

so drive C: (your Operating System drive) has already had bad sectors found at some point
i would suspect that ‘maybe’ its about to lose some more
it may be time to get another os drive, once they start going out they will continue losing sectors at random, the repair function is only a temporary fix
if this is one large drive with partitions then maybe get a smaller drive for the OS only

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