MSFS2020 crashing to Desktop since yesterday

Hello there,
Since yesterday my MSFS2020 crashes after loading up to the menu. After about 1min in the menu the game freezes and crashes to desktop.
I already tried some fixes, provided on several forums like limit the virtual memory, run as admin, check minimum system requirements, etc… I’m also running the newest Windows 10 version and my Geforce driver is up to date.

I hope some of you guys can help me, thanks in advance!


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Hi and welcome to the forums!

What has happened to your computer between last time and now? Hardware, software, external devices etc


I also thought about that, but i didn’t installed or deleted anything. The last thing was the Windows update and a new Geforce Graphics driver.

Thanks for fast reply:)

No idea if it is related but Fastly (a distributed content provider) had an outage today that has taken down a lot of apps and services that use Fastly.

Don’t know if MS/Asobo are using Fastly for content streaming but if they are, there’s likely your reason.

I was in the same boat the last 3 days where I was getting immediate CTD without any warnings or messages. Only thing that changed was Windows update and Nvidia driver update. I cleared out everything in the CF and launched. Seemed to help. Put back my favorites in the CF and had 2 successful flights without CTD. Cannot figure out what the heck is going on. Very rare to have a CTD. Now I find myself holding my breath waiting for the CTD.

Alright thanks, in this case I try to clean up my Community Folder, maybe this helps. Windows and graphic driver are up to date, maybe this causes any problems with the addons.

Is there any way to backup the files in the community folder? If I try to copy files out of it, it gives me an error message saying I have no permission…

The last several days it’s been nothing but a crash fest for me if I’m lucky, maybe 1 in 3 times I boot the sim I’ll be able to even load into the plane at all. When I have managed to load it, it sometimes crashes while I’m taxiing. If I do manage to get in the air, chances are it’s going to work.

It went from working reasonably well to crashing almost every time basically overnight. I’ve had no driver changes, no windows updates (do those manually), etc. The only change to my system in the past couple of weeks is the update they released to fix the bounce on the 787.

Once again I suspect server side issues are causing this.

Just rename your community folder to ‘CommunityBak’ and you’re good to go. If you want to have them back just rename it ‘Community’ again


Ok I put everything out of my community folder except ivao_mtl and EC135 and it seem to work now. I still don’t know the reason for the crash but it seems to be one of the addons (maybe an outdated or currently not updated one).
Thank you all for your help! :slight_smile:

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