MSFS2020 Flight plan from Sim Brief Freezes MSFS2020

I use MSFS2020 Premium Deluxe. My PC stats: EVGA 151-HE-E999 MB. Intel core i7 6850k chip, Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphic card, 32 GB DDR4 ram. I use Oculus RIft.

Ok this is what happens: I have downloaded MSFS2020 rev:

    • I create a flight in Sim Brief save the file in the proper (%AppData% folder “local State”.
    • Open MSFS2020 “load flight” selected and FOUND properly. I click my plan.
    • Select “Fly” and voila! I am in my FBW A320…Beautiful! I am at hold short I get a phone call so I save and exit MSFS2020.
    • Later the same day I go back to msfs2020 select “Load” …nothing. I restart rinse repeat hit load…set a stopwatch and the MSFS2020 FREEZES for 1hour 15mins.
  1. I shut it down.

Why does the software freeze during the loading of a flight plan form outside source??

Saving a flight while in-cockpit can result in instability. Freezing is just one of the more extreme outcomes. In general, because of the dynamic nature of all the underlying environmental systems (weather, traffic, even in-game time), and the fact there isn’t a true Pause mode, it’s just cleaner to reload that flight from scratch (i.e., from the Flight Planner page) and reload the plan and aircraft, use Ready To Fly again.

First, thank you for your reply. I did exactly this. I removed my original plan from folder. Created a New (shorter) flight plan but when I click “load” nothing happens. Again I Thought maybe the MSFS2020 needed more time to read in the file but no. It stayed at load for over 2 hours, I shut it down. I can create a flight plan from MSFS but not without a lot of manual inputs from me copying info from my SimBrief plan.

I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you why it’s not accepting Simbrief originated plans now when it used to. I’ve seen this happen in LittleNavMap, of which I’m a user. There’s a possibility it may be crunching on something that it doesn’t like in the plan. It may even have to do with the map data resident - either the AIRAC cycle on the sim, or if you’re a paid Navigraph user, but that’s just a gut feel.

I would actually try a clean re-boot of the PC, launch the sim and see if it’ll accept the old plan again.

you may be on to something, there could very well be the level of data developed in Simbrief. In fact, I am a paid Navigraph user! I’ll use this next and observe the results. I,ve not used LittleNavMap but I’ll certainly look into using it.

I have one more question to put to the forum: Are there any MSFS2020 “system files” Required in the : AppData\Local\Pakages\MSFS_8…\LocalState folder? for example imgui.ini, or PlaneSwapTable.csv? are these files required in this folder?

I’m not sure - that path indicates you have the MS-Store purchased version of MSFS, I’m not familiar with the folder path because I’m a Steam buyer.

Not sure why your new flight plan won’t load when the old one did. Maybe there is a difference between the two causing MSFS to freeze. Do you know what those differences might be? You might try entering manually the new flight plan by hand at the World Map to see if there are any missing waypoints or navaids.

In the past server also of my flight plans from external sources would not load into MSFS. MSFS just ignored the flight plan and didn’t load anything.

There is an ongoing issue of database synchronization between MSFS and external flight plan creators.