MSFS2020 Flight Plans

I’ve looked at the tutorials and videos, and I just don’t have the buttons to save/load flight plans on the Free Flight page. what can I do? Thanks.


This one?

Yes! That’s it! I don’t have it populated, but when I do hit ‘esc’ it goes back. Do I hit “L” to show the legend at the bottom? Or is that a different legend? Thank you for your reply!

Just an idea… but are you perhaps in a Windowed version and your screen is too small for the total? Cause I now get the impression you don’t see any buttons…

Try Left-Alt + Enter… see if that helps…

I only use the Windowed Screen.

That is not a problem. At least, on my 4K screen.

No, it doesn’t need to be a problem. But in the Windowed version you can run non-maximized, and then the bottom of the screen can drop away. You then have to click the maximize button or switch to full screen. It’s how I sometimes lose the blue progress bar.

“Ah yes, I have to maximize the window…”

One of those things… if you don’t know… you might lose the buttons…

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Never mind… Let topic-starter try my tip and we’ll see if he finds The Buttons… :wink:


Guess what, they’re there. Make your window smaller and they will be there at the bottom. They’re being covered by the menu bar, or are off screen.

And, yes, [Esc] will exit you (just like the menu bar says), and [space] will bring you to the load/save screen.

That was it! I had to reduce my screen size a little, and it was there. Thank you, everyone!

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