Msfs2020 frozen move 1 to 2 sec

Steam Msfs2020 frozen move 1 to 2 sec

1 World map
2 Fly now
3 play no frozen move 1 to 2 sec
4 back restart or main menu
5 back world map
6 back fly now again
7 play yes frozen move 1 to 2 sec again
8 restart msfs2020 again

Please fix play msfs2020 help me

Play frozen move 1 sec Please Click here

My laptop
Window 10
I7 9750H
32 GB ram
Geforce RTX 2060
512 GB SSD

I’ve been having this problem sometimes too. Especially after I start a flight at an airport. I updated my Nvidia driver and it seems to have helped.

my Nvidia driver 460.89 msfs2020 play frozen move 1 to 2 sec

Can you try this?

1- Try to (temporarily) disable online / data connection in your FS-settings. Restart FS and see if this still occurs.
2- Activate Dev-Mode, toggle FPS and see it the pause is visual in the display.

removed FlightEvents map mod

therefore this rule exist :wink:

(not mods or 3rd party content)

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