MSFS2020 looks so real

What a great sim. Looks very real. But please fix the INOP Knobs (or whole instruments :crazy_face:)


Then buy a nintendo and leave othets with their hobby if you fo not understand the complexity of creating a few dozen planes and the world

Nice shots! The top shot is great. Thanks for sharing.


I am amazed every day!

This sim truly is the future!


Those pics were taken IRL :slight_smile:


I don’t see MFS2020 in any of those photos lol but nice shots anyway


Some people really dont get jokes…
This was ment as entertainment…

Its a joke <3

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A reasonable original post is already attracting non constructive posts. Please ensure that your comments stay within the Code of Conduct and are constructive


By reasonable, did you mean misleading? These aren’t FS2020 screenshots. The title seems almost like a troll post. Even if the OP is now saying it’s a joke.


Oh I am sorry I did not catch the joke. I will try better next time!

Did we really get that far now? Its for entertainment and if you read the describtion, you would get it maybe. Why not just laugh about it and let it be?

Do you mean my post? :thinking:

On the first look I thought too much contrast, but looks very good. After I opened the picture and read “Manövergeschwindigkeit” everything was clear.

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Also…if you look close at the second pictures you see the reflections of the instrument panel at the canopy, which are also done in the sim and I like them a lot.

Best posting…ever! You got me for 5 seconds :wink:

I know exactly what you mean, it blew me away too :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice shots! Is that in the Alps?

Jup, Inntal… Inn valley, in 15000ft

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I’m very curious about that users state about sim looks like real :slight_smile:

Hope you all here with that feelings also fly real world :wink: