MSFS2020 Missing Airplanes

Had to download MSFS2020 Deluxe Premium after PC failure, all good except showing 2 airplanes instead of 30 . probably something I missed,
a suggestion would be appreciated

First item in the Known Issues.

Here is the quote from the Known Issues thread. You can find the full list of known issues, by clicking on the ‘Known Issues’ link at the top of this page.

Thank you NYX and all that responded , worked well

I have downloaded and installed FS2020 premium three times from Steam. The first time it installed perfectly with all the features.

Several days later i logged in and all of my premium content was gone. Reinstalled it twice and only get the base installation with two planes. I see the instructions above but do not see anywhere to select additional content to download and install. Need additional help.

You may have a slightly different issue. Please try these steps:

I checked all that out. Time and date are right, DLC content shows is installed and managed, and the files come up as validated. The odd thing is it appears I downloaded 97gb of data and told it to install into a particular folder on my SSD, but the folder is empty and I can not find 97gb of info.