MSFS2020 needs an Career/Economy-Sandbox mode from ASOBO/MICROSOFT // NO 3rd PARTY DISCUSSION!

I started with “flight simming” when I bought my Oculus Rift and saw that Xplane had an really good looking VR mode, so I got curious and began to explore this genre a little bit ( I had never any interest in flight games/sims before ). It was fun for some time and I spend a lot of time in learning what is an ADF, VOR, ILS, how ATC works, how the Autopilot works in small GA planes and Airliners and learned some things about flying before GPS was a thing, all interesting and all good I dont regret it at all and it was fun to use that knowledge a few times in the simulator.

But to be honest, after learning about those things and using them in xplane for some time, I got bored. And now it is the same in MSFS2020, after I looked up a few locations in VFR flights, there´s nothing more to do and to be honest there´s already Google Earth and even better Google Earth VR, if someone is only interested in just looking at those places.

I dont understand why Microsoft did not thought about any Career mode. It would be so much fun to have maybe a good mix between the career mode of the truck simulator games and the patrician games. So f.e. you would have different goods/pax and different missions on different airports (so that smaller airports are also important). A way to start you own company together with your friends, working towards a common goal like buying an FBO at your home airport, upgrading your plane, later buy better planes. (C172S would be a good starter plane I guess). Upgrades/modifications could be f.e. a slightly better new engines, better seating for passengers, so that they pay you more and such things.

I know that there are already mods and I know FSeconomy from xplane and tried it also already in MSFS2020. The problem is that its just a mod, you cant see anything you do in FSeconomy in the sim, its not integrated and there are other problems like you make always more or less the same amount of money per nm, although there´s not even a real need for money as you can rent every plane, super, super cheap, so no need for really buying a plane, most FBOs in the world are already sold to someone and besides that, there´s not a lot there to do, so its like an economy mod where you make money and then have absolutely no need to spend that money for anything. But anyways, its still the best “economy” mod for flight simulators we have right now and for an mod the devs did a great job.

An career mode in MSFS2020 would be only optional, so every hardcore flight simmer could still make their flights from a to b for “simming reasons” and would not had any disadvantage through that.

I guess Im not the only one who´s missing a career mode and who´s already bored (although I got a lot of sightseeying hours). “Casual Players” like me will probably leave the game soon if there´s nothing like that coming into the game and I think that MS is missing out a big market here.


I agree, an integrated solution would be a really great addition, almost mandatory for when the sim hits the XBOX. More gaming/management components would really lift the sim to a higher level and make it interesting for a whole different group of players/pilots. Especially with the multiplayer/MMO component you described.


Everyone beg the fella who created FSPassengers to produce a version for MSFS. It had everything, pilot qualifications, type limited aircraft, aircraft maintenance, a full financial model, random failures based on maintenance state…even keyboard shortcuts for auto pilot commands.


Have you done all the bush missions yet? They are amazing!

Not necessaitily the solution you’re looking for, but it offers a lot of depth and challenge


It’s true that casual players will probably stay in the long run with some carreer or jobs-like system.
Not necessary a carreer in the sense of forcing the player in ceratin path, but for sure a job-system like truck simulator.
I guess player base of truck sims wouldn’t be the same without jobs boards. It gives context, and for some players is defenivelty needed. (I would say most of the casuals)


I agree that something like a career mode would be useful. At least we know we will get more content such as landing challenges and bush trips but it won’t be enough for some players long term.

More serious simmers who want to feel some kind of progression or persistence will likely need to find their answer elsewhere with third party developers. I’m sure it won’t be too long before some of these are working with MSFS (some might already be).

A few that come to mind to look out for, I haven’t used them all though:

  • AirHauler
  • FSPassengers
  • FSEconomy
  • OnAir Company (subscription based, free trial available)

I loved AirHauler for FSX, I would have picked up AirHauler 2 for X-Plane recently if not for the fact that MSFS was on the horizon. As soon as it ports to MSFS (which I am sure it will), I’m going to pick that up :yum:


Air Hauler is pretty much perfect and gave me a reason to fly.

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I really love the concept behind AirHauler 1/2, but it looks a bit Windows 95 ish. It would also be great if there would be more integration within MSFS UI wise.

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I’m using OnAir Company, and I have to say it couldn’t be any better.
Connects with MSFS, and you can all the time see where your AI planes are, and what they are doing.
Of course it shows your own plane too.
Just check it out!


Absolutely. Aviation industry is commercial industry, but lack of economy in the Flight Simulators is sadly a long tradition. Integration of add-on like AirHauler into base game would great increase its appeal.


Have to say, just had a look at OnAir and it does look good. So I went to find out about potential support for FS2020 and when it might be available and pleased to see they have a forum post about this and for new users. Except you have to sign up to see the post. :unamused:

Can anyone shed some light on when support might be coming?

It is already working seamlessly with MSFS


I just started using OnAir Company, it’s fantastic.


To clarify, you mean 2020?

Does it rely on SimConnect?

Maybe think about joining VATSIM to get some longer term motivation. You can have real ATC with your flight, train your piloting skills and even have ratings. In addition you can try being an Air Traffic Controller yourself.

Definitely a good choice if you’re open to some learning and real life procedures.

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Yes, MSFS2020.

I’m not sure about SImConnect, but as I said, it does work out of the box.
You really should try it. Trial time is 2 weeks, so I’m sure you get the most out of it in that time.
I’m also sure, you will continue, because it’s not expensive. One year subscription only 35 euros. US dollars I think it’s about the same…

Manual is also downloadable in front page, without making account.


Thank you. Will definitely try it

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There is also the free FSEconomy ( I prefer that over onAir. It depends what you look for. OnAir has a complete company sim. With running costs and all. FSE is quick to hop in and get a job and get going. I tried both but stuck to FSE.
Can also be combined with VATSIM for more immersion as mentioned earlier in this thread.

You do have Self-Loading Cargo and PACX, both of which do work with MSFS :slight_smile:


Try Onair, better then al the others!

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