MSFS2020 simulator freezes or CTD in Windows 11

Hello. I had a problem with CTD and freezes after switching to Windows 11 when minimizing the window and switching to another open program, for example a browser or any other program. By method of exceptions, I found that this happens when you activate the vertical sync mode “FAST”. Does anyone else have such problems? And maybe there are some solutions? I used to use G-Sync, but after the 3rd patch, the opportunity to use this feature is just broken… I would be grateful if someone can what what to help.

I’ve had that problem since I upgraded to win11…
And thanks for finding the culprit!
The “FAST” sync mode in the Nvidia settings seems to be the problem indeed!

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Yes last two flights CTD with windows 11
Although it might be down to LEAL I downloaded from flight

But I am an insider had never had CTD since upgrading to Windows 11 and have gsync enabled and vsync on fast in NCP
What should I set vsync to or just have it set to off?

Same problem here when using another program/screen that overlaps with MSFS (especially when in the menu) you almost always CTD when switching between the program and MSFS.
I also use vertical sync mode set to “FAST” for MSFS in the NVIDA control panel.

Interesting. I started noticing this and I think it’s because I recently switched to fast v-sync. I’m trying now with it just set to ‘on’ - hoping it’ll make a difference

Hello. Doesn’t anyone have this problem? Or no one uses vertical sync in “FAST” mode?