MSFS2020 Still Crashes after hotfix1 and hotfix2 released on the 06/08/2021

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Hi Every one,

First of all I would like to apology for the dryness of my message but enough is enough!

I am opening this topic because I really run out of options to run MSFS2020. I am not a windows specialist neither a computer pro. I got a lot of support from the community here and thanks to all and to some who got really robust knowledge and patience to help other to fix their issues with MSFS2020.

I do understand that many people got no issues with MSFS2020 running smoothly, but I know too there is a lot of too many people getting issues to run MSFS2020 until this moment.

As far as many of us are concerned (me included), I paid a certain price of money to get a quality product which is working correctly, right?

Obviously it is not the case, many of us are getting through frustration because they can’t run MSFS2020 caused by continuous and perpetual issues affecting the sim due to windows or bug in MSFS2020.

An hotfix have been released 2 days ago and it did not fix crashes to the desktop and others at all for every one. This issue has been going on since a while and nothing has been done correctly to fix it.

It is not fair and right from the concerned people who are managing this product to give such hard time to the community.

It is not the job and prerogative of the community to fix the issues of MSFS2020. It is the duty and prerogative of the concerned companies to fix the issues of this software and delivers a proper working product. People have bought this product to enjoy and not to have a hard time with it and spending hours and hours to try to fix difficult issues that they are not supposed to have, and every one is a computer pro by the way.

It is not right as well that after every updates that many of us have go through frustrations to solve their MSFS2020 new or old issues and help others in the community to solve their issues.

the amount of time that people here in this community spent to help each other is tremendous instead of enjoying their flight sim!

So I am a customer like everyone here, who bought MFSF2020, who goes after every update through issues caused my Microsoft Store, Service Gaming, installation issues, crashes to desktop…etc…etc…etc

Since the 27th I am just unable to use my MSFS2020 so I am asking to the concerned people, Can you tell me please what I or others in the same position are SUPPOSE TO DO now?

Sincerely Yours,


I think I encounter the same problem as the topic author. My MSFS was never launched successfully after 27th July. Nothing was downloaded in “INSTALLAION MANAGER” page, and the game forever stucked in the following loading page. And a reinstallation didn’t help, as I had tried several times.

sorry to hear you are facing the same issue,

It is not clear from your post when/where/if you are specifically experiencing CTD’s, however my copy of the sim kept CTD as the UI loaded. The steps below are what I ended up doing and now have a working copy of the sim that has not given me any further problems.

Hope this may help you - I suggest following ALL the steps below as they are there to try and keep the PC in a ‘clean’ state during the whole process, I would also leave this ‘clean’ state in place until you have run the sim and tested it.

I would install just the standard sim (not Deluxe or Premium), don’t bother with the additional content (world updates etc.) and DO NOT add anything to the community folder. Once you have tested the sim runs ok, then start adding items in Content Manager - test again. Once you are happy then reverse the steps taken to create the ‘clean’ running state of Windows.

ONLY add items to the Community folder if you are confident they going to be compatible with SU5…

Pasted from another thread I had created…

Good news, I have finally managed to get MSFS working by doing a ‘clean’ install of MSFS with a few other measures in place before attempting. Sorry for the long post, I’m hoping this may be useful to other people. Note: I had already done some of these steps in simply trying to get MSFS to load…

  1. run msconfig (type this in the search bar). Click service tab, tick the checkbox ‘Hide all Microsoft services’, then clicked disable all.
  2. Still in msconfig, click the Startup tab, then click on Open Task manager.
  3. In Task manager click the Start-up tab. Note: I stretched the window then took a screen-shot so I know what to change back after. Click on each item, then Disable each item.
  4. Close task manager.
  5. Apply the changes in msconfig, then click ok and then restart when prompted. This will result in you PC rebooting in a ‘clean’ state with all those background tasks switched off - so all that ■■■■ that runs on the taskbar and hidden in the back ground.
  6. I unplugged all USB devices apart from my mouse and keyboard.
  7. Carried out a Windows update. Did not need any because I update regularly.
  8. Went to the Microsoft Store, and got any updates for there: Click on the three dots … click on Downloads and updates, then get updates. Again I did not need any as I had been doing this regularly.
  9. Restarted and into the BIOS to remove CPU over-clock so it was running as standard. Then rebooted back into Windows.
  10. Uninstalled Microsoft Flight Sim.
  11. Deleted the whole folder where it was installed - this time I figured I would also deleted the Community folder even though I had already renamed it. Basically because I suspect they need updating to be compatible anyway. Remember - I’m being quite drastic here to get it working.
    12: Manually searched Appdata folders etc. where Flight Sim scatters folders and files and deleted them all, i.e. namely on my C drive, and H drive where MSFS had been installed previously.
  12. Shut the PC down completely.
  13. Reset my router. i.e. turned it off for a few minutes, then back on. Left it to initialise and settle before turning PC back on.
  14. Once back in Windows I confirmed nothing was running on the taskbar - there was one item for Asus updates which I exited.
  15. Created a new MSFS folder on my H drive.
  16. Back to the MS Store and into ‘My Library’, again via the three dots …
  17. Found Microsoft Flight Simulator (just the standard one even though I have purchased Premium Deluxe). Clicked Install, changed the path to my H drive for the packaged (default is C).
  18. Once the sim was installed I then installed Digital Ownership in the MS Store, i.e. BEFORE launching the sim.
  19. Now it was time to launch the sim which in did by running as administrator.
  20. Once it had completed the Checking for updates, I unticked the additional Deluxe and Premium Deluxe content - again, this was too keep he install simple and rule out any issues with those particular packs. I used the browse feature to find my MSFS folder then set it going.
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Just noted there is a way to link another post duuuurrr…

I’m not saying the steps I have posted are guaranteed to work for you, but I had also re-installed after the update had failed. The steps I posted were the actions I took to get my system in a state that had nothing running in the background that may interfere with the whole installation process - I was not looking forward to doing this - but it did work for me.

My expectation is that the original attempt to carry out the update and then re-install had resulted in the installation to have been corrupted in some way.

Anyway I hope this may help other people.

hi no need to be sorry, you are trying to help which is very noble from you. thank you, I did a clean window re-installation followed by all the rest but i had the USB plugged in. So I think I need to start from the beginning.

Simply this is not the way it should work. Microsoft release game which should work out of the box it haven’t, that have revised version for beta testers. Su5 have so many issues I don’t know if anyone tested it before release. Hot fix is not working properly still many CTD, temperature at FL350 is +16 C ISA +70 C. STUTERING Experience as well lie people describe in other post. CTD happens in my case only in world map.


I am simply trying to pass on how I got the sim working for me. If I felt confident there was going to be a patch to resolve the issues imminently being released I would not have bothered. Likewise I was also coming to the conclusion there was something wrong with my installation of the sim, corrupt/missing files perhaps rather than a bug in the code as such.

The hotfix did nothing to help me, and if the problem is actually down to a corrupt/missing file any further hotfix is not liable to work in my opinion unless it happens to replace the file anyway.

Certainly it’s fair to say a lot of problems have occurred since the SU5 patch was released so logically we all would like Asobo to come back and put everything right. Depends if you want to wait perhaps indefinitely and simply complain about the situation or be proactive and either resolve the issue for yourself or try and work with the devs to track down the issue.

I am happy to report that since following my actions/steps above that have resulted in fixing the CTD during loading of the UI and I have not experienced (touch wood) crashes whilst using the sim since. I have not had great deal of time in the sim since fixing it I will add.

Impossible to take off even to do taxi in Las Vegas… A320nx… when I’m doing pushback… CTD…
The game is unplayable. Now playing Apex Legends until Asobo decides to fix this game. 1 year since release and it is unbelievable we cannot play it after an update.



I totally agree that being pro active is must and as you said waiting from something to happens from Microsoft or Asobo we can wait for a long time.

May be you shall flash out your solution to them to help all the people in my case. That will be a very good cause Blitzer303.

Thank you

Sorry to hear that, I am in the same position. but it seems that Blitzer303 got a solution

The solution should be given by Asobo in a patch. I dont have to be changing ms config and nothing like that. It is a game of a company, not a hacking software that Im developing lol. This is pathetic


Guys there is any way to flag this post that Microsoft and Asobo at least sees it?


YEAH…believe me I am trying to stay positive but…
I paid good money - 1 year ago - and today - I can’t even run the sim now…
I have spent hours and hours and hours trying to fix what Asobo has broken yet again. Every update is a disaster. At first I gave the benefit of the doubt, this is a complicated process. As a long time beta tester for numerous devs, I understand how delicate these things are.
How can you expect me to believe that the update works fine UNTIL it goes out the door to the customer. Then - great big surprise - when for 98% of the sim community - the sim is rendered literally useless. Seriously, how can they NOT know that these updates are broken.
So, given the history of the faulty update process - I believe it’s time to explore new options. I have 2 suggestions:

Let the PAYING customer have the option to update or not. This will give the community a chance to fix the update BEFORE all of us have a broken sim.

Have a roll back option for when these cherished updates render the sim useless. At least then we could enjoy the product we all bought and paid for.

On that note, there is 1 more thing that’s really really bothering me…
One year ago, I purchased the Deluxe version. I did what a lot of people did, I did the $1 Xbox subscription offer to try out the sim and subsequently paid the $129.99 Xbox purchase price. Although the sim is installed, it has never to this day appeared ANYWHERE within the Microsoft store or my account as being ‘OWNED’. As a result, the only way I can access the sim is to pay for an Xbox subscription. To date that has cost me $144.80 on top of the $130+tax purchase price. I have tried relentlessly contacting M$ and no-one there knows what to do about this, or even cares for that matter. At this point, it’s pretty much a case of blatent extorsion. At least that’s how I feel about all this, because I have no choice - pay or don’t play.

The sim is supposed to be fun - too bad people had to ruin that…


It is really frightening that, as an END consumer who pays money for this sim, I end up testing and changing all the options in the USER.cfg that I have read through other community members over the last few days, in the hope , they help me and my currently no longer playable simulator!
The last update as well as the fix for it really took away the fun and I’m thinking about installing P3D again, which is also such a complex thing!
It frustrates me very much and I will probably put my joystick away until ASOBO has got this under control again and has made it simulatable again!


I am still experiencing issues with freezing after hotfix, both have occurred turing onto Final, bit frustrating. Any ideas on causes?
No CtD issues.

Thanks in advance

I understand what you are saying, but we are back playing FSX again, constantly looking for help with a game/ sim that you have paid £120 for, does train sim have this problem , no, If EA releases the new Battlefield 6 and its like this all hell will break loose, but us flightsimmers have to put up with this ■■■■.


Txs DigitalRedboy. As a former FSX simmer with hundreds of hours flying including semi-professional PDMG and Aerosoft mods I bought the dvd package MSFS2020 at launch date and started simming. Bought several planes via the marketplace. Thereafter every SU created problems with SU5 being the apocalyps. Since SU5 I have uninstalled and reinstalled MSFS to no result. Since I am an owner and director of a software company, prominent in an industry, I frequently asked senior programmers to help me with the operational update and startup problems. Sometimes it worked, but then other problems appeared with f.e. MS Store. They also told me that if we would launch new versions of our software program we woulds be out of business within one year. With SU5 we are now depending on the new XBox engine and to my opinion all sold dvd packages have been written off by MS. Thank you for investing in our adventurous road to XBox. Today, when I tried to re-install MSFs with DVD 1, it directly brings me to the MS Store. Is this a hint to buy the digital version after merely one year of use? Poor XBox buyers, they are already active on the Forum, signaling problems. Please realize that approx 5.8 million XBox consoles have been sold versus 1.2 mio pc licences so you will understand the priority & magnitude of the whole commercial adventure you are participating in. I think that we, MSFS PC simmers are the means but not the meaning. have you ever thought about the profile of us, FliteSimmers of the 1st hours, looks like for marketers? Try to compare that with the new generation pc & console players. What the hack would they do with a, in their prerception, dreary FliteSim? Wow, I can fly over Grandma’s house!!! Take a break and just sit down in their game chair and start their very powerfull pc and play Death Stranding (of MS competitor Sony). In several months 5mio copies of the first chapter (14 hrs of game time) were sold… Versus approx 1.2 mio copies of MSFS, which only can expand via landing challenges. I have seen many youtube reviews of Death Stranding and game experts explain that the strategy is to first launch as PC application and then avail following chapters on PS5 etc. Smart strategy, good marketing. The same is happening with MSFS. No focus on Simmers but on Gamers. Paraphrasing “No Country For Old Men” I would say No Environment For Old Simmers. Personally I’am getting acqainted again with FSX with the PDMG and Aerosoft mods and most probably select another heavy FliteSim (P3D). And after a year,I think the PC version of MS2020 will appear on Steam via another publisher, as it happened with Train Simulator and… FSX.
Keep on flying and be happy that you participated MSFS for the Xbox generation, that will look upon a 787 like we look at a DC-3. Could be a nice game: " Widebody Stranding"…
Ok, this is a young industry and I’m glad that at my age as a Simmer I still can do a lot of mind jogging. But I’am also a weathed marketer and I simply cannot understand why MS is risking their franchise, name and fame to such a haphazard development. Have you seen the marketing trailers of Windows11? They remind me of something… Let us keep our feet on the ground and look for the FliteSim we can rely on and bring us all the challenges that will keep us sharp.


To be fair most of the information within my above post is already available via the support pages linked at the top of this webpage. All I have really done is to combine and use this during uninstalling and reinstallation.

Roughly speaking you can break down the steps into 4 processes…

  1. Get your PC in to a ‘Clean’ running state by using msconfig and Task Manager to prevent background tasks from being run when the PC is started up or rebooted. This is not the same as simply rebooting the PC then closing items on the taskbar, or doing a cold boot.
    The additional parts of this process are to remove CPU over clock and disconnect USB devices apart from mouse and keyboard. These are all temporary measures that remain in place until the sim is reinstalled and tested.

  2. Installing - initially just the standard sim, none of the additional content, no joysticks or anything connected.

  3. Testing - launch the sim, see if it loads up into the UI, navigate around the menus, load a flight.
    Go back to step two add some additional content via Content Manager, test again etc.

  4. Assuming the sim actually runs in the first place it’s then a case of rinse and repeat for steps 2 and 3 until all content has been installed. Once you get to this point start reversing the ‘Clean’ boot steps, again I suggest testing the sim as you go.

I can only emphasise though that I believe this worked for me because I suspect my installation had been corrupted,
If you are experiencing CTDs after a clean reinstallation I would be inclined to return to the ‘Clean’ boot state and test the sim some more. if the CTD stop you can then start gradually re-enabling items to isolate what is behind the problem.

Let me make it clear though - (this is aimed at everyone/anyone), it is entirely up to you whether wait for Asobo to fix this if another patch will fix the issue. Or you can try (and potentially fail) to resolve the issue yourself by reinstalling as above. You don’t need to tell me you think it’s for Asobo to fix though! :slight_smile:
I genuinely hope the above helps someone else to get their sim up and running -if you try and it does not work i a, sorry you wasted your time, but at least you know you tried!

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