MSFS2020 still to improve, MS2024 should wait

That statement is assuming MSFS2020 will NOT run for 10 years. It easily can run much longer and will be supported (if maybe not improved upon any more). I doubt they’ll disconnect MSFS from the servers when MSFS2024 is released. On the contrary - it’s even possible the new - more streaming orientated ‘digital twin’ of the Earth will be available for MSFS2020 and content designed for MSFS2024 will be made available for MSFS2020 as well if they work on both sims (which they are supposed to)

We have seen dozens of massive FREE content upgrades over the last three years - none of which would we have gotten in games like Elite - Dangerous, XPlane or DCS - and none of which they promised in advance. But they became customary very quickly and we got used to them even quicker.
If you want new content somewhere else you almost always have to buy it (DCS) or wait for a new version (XPlane 12) or a new season (Elite) to come around. You will definitely be out of some money - and especially XPlane 12 only brought more visual and technical improvements but hardly any content.
I’d say after over three years I have definitely gotten my money’s worth with MSFS. As commercial addons all those FREE WUs and aircraft would have cost HUNDREDS of Dollars, Euros or Pounds! FAR, FAR MORE than the price of the original game. And since we have at least a year until MSFS2024 there is surely some more to come.

So sticking to that 10-year-‘promise’ and complaining that we won’t get everything for free for 10 years IMHO is pointless.
It’s still a business for MS and Asobo and development of what they are planning is very very expensive and can’t go on indefinitely for free - either you live off the current proceeds, stick to MSFS2020 and go on like before (which would eventually be riding an almost dead horse like with P3D or XPlane) or you go the next step invest sh*tloads of money and bring in new technologies and ideas to make it even more realistic.

MS and Asobo never specified what those 10 years will entail exactly. People just ASSUMED and interpreted into it what they wanted to hear and now are unhappy because their unrealistic expectations aren’t met.

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Now, now. Remember, all opinions are valid. Including the ones that are wrong.


if the multiplayer formations will look like cartons papaers like in 2020 im out . not to mention AI random rendering

They produce both software and hardware so they should have all the knowledge, I have this problem only with some official planes, not 3rd party released. You really think that if a software crashes for a memory issue is only hardware responsibility? How do you explain that all 3rd party planes never have displays off?

Hello, the engines were running, all the lights where on, internal and external, only displays where off. I appreciate if you write what you see wrong on the screenshot, I do mistakes, but if everything is on except displays than I think to a bug.

  1. Asobo makes msfs not MS,
  2. if you really hate msfs why aren’t you at P3D or XP

“Now, now. Remember, all opinions are valid. Including the ones that are wrong.” - Mark A, 2023

Brilliant! :smiley:

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Yes, I wrote wrong, MSFS.

I never said I hate MSFS, I said I actualy fly only MSFS and that VFR is incredible. And just because I like MSFS that I’d like important bugs would be solved and missing things added. A lot of people in this discussion said “go fly X-PLANE”, but do you think is not correct to say that XP is better in some things than MSFS if I think that’s true? Monopoly I think doesn’t help developers to do their best, to have new ideas.
Do you think we should only talk well about something? I think that if something’wrong they should correct, don’t you?

Microsoft consistently introduced fresh Flight Simulator titles over the years, such as '98, '00, '04, and 'X, each one being a distinct new simulation experience without mere upgrades. I’m perfectly fine with investing in a new simulator every four years, as long as they continue enhancing the gameplay, maintaining player engagement, and contributing positively to the community. What I’d rather avoid is a rebranded version of the same game or simulator. It appears that there are exciting developments on the horizon for 2024, including discussions about seasonal changes, AI traffic featuring new liveries, and, hopefully, an improved Air Traffic Control (ATC) system.

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My suggestion for you, stick with MSFS 2020 until its improved and hits your expectation, while I fly with MSFS 2024 from the beginning :wink:

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That’s all well and good. But like any broken record, hearing 4 bars of the 12-bar blues over and over gets tiresome.