MSFS2020 will become more detailed thanks to the community of players

Jörg Neumann from Microsoft explains that there are already plans for this in an interview during gamescom 2020:

“I want to do it in a way that is somehow structured enough. You could of course do it in such a way that everyone builds a model of their house and adds it to the sim. No problem: There’s a map editor, you can import that and then you have your house. […].”

The current crux of the story: If a player adds a homemade building, it will only appear in his own game world - but for others his work is not visible. According to Jörg Neumann, there are already “ideas” how the community can expand the world together.

However, he said he could not “go into the subject in depth at this stage”. But more detailed information should be available in one or two months, so fans won’t have to be patient much longer.

Wow - that sounds like something the Alpha Tester Community suggested months ago!!!


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Ich hab das auch gesehen und war erstaunt über das was er alles gesagt hat. Da war auch der ein oder andere spannende Satz über das Forum drinnen.