Msfs2020checksum - checksum tool for MSFS2020 package files [open source]


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS) has a ton of data packages.
However, I don’t seem to find that Microsoft provides a user-visible data integrity verification mechanism.

So I wrote this little tool in Rust: it can automatically locate the location of MSFS packages, and compute its hash value for each file. After the calculation is complete, you can compare it to hashes computed by other users with the same MSFS version to determine if there is any file corruption.

This tool uses the 128-bit xxHash algorithm (aka XXH128) and automatically uses all CPU cores for parallel computing. So it generates hashes very fast, and the performance bottleneck is almost solely determined by the read speed of your hard drive.

See GitHub for downloading and more:

BTW, I’m an amateur programmer, so this tool is not updated frequently.

My checksums:
MSFS Premium Deluxe version, the G1000NXi plugin and the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital plane.
Google Drive

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